An icon passed away today

Oh wow! I think I read she did long ago. Oh wow!


RIP, Suzanne Somers. I’ll always remember her as Chrissy on “Three’s Company.” I didn’t know her breast cancer returned. My condolences to her family, her friends, and her fans.


RIP Matthew Perry.


Thank you for this share. If you had not posted, I’d not even know, thank you! He went on a full moon day. Photo by a co-worker, of tonight’s full moon.

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Just found out. Why people leave so soon, RIP, Matthew Perry was a funny comedian, but he had his skeletons, sadly.

Awesome shot!! Last night was a partial moon eclipse, the full moon was shaded by planet Earth and next to him was a bright shiny Jupiter. It’s not from everywhere visible.


My gosh! So shocking to learn of Matthew Perry’s death. The CNN article mentions a drowning accident, very sad. You always need to be careful in the water even if you are an experienced swimmer. I once got caught in an undertow and I still remember how scary it was. I was lucky and was able to get out of it.
Anyway, it’s very sad to lose such a talented person. He was a great comic actor. My condolences to his family, his friends, and his fans.


I read that he had a heart attack while he was in his bathtub.
Because his health was compromised by his past addiction to alcohol and “other things”.


I just read that as well, few minutes ago, the article said they will do an autopsy as well ( that spelling doesn’t look right)

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I believe more than anything, he died of a broken heart because no matter how much he struggle against his addiction; the thing he wanted the most and yearned for in his life, was the same thing that would become his death trap. One of his friend said sweet dreams, sweet dreams, and I hope he can finally sleep and rest in peace. I’m buying his book I wish the money would be used to help REHABS, they lack so much and is the main reason why they go back to drugs or alcohol.


I was surprised about this one cause she was just put into hospice care.

Rosalynn Carter, former first lady who advocated for mental health issues, dies at 96 and this was today, she was put in hospice Friday or Saturday. the news article was kinda lengthy, not putting it here

I googled it…

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Passes Away at Age 96

The Carter Center › news › statement-rosaly…
](Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Passes Away at Age 96)

47 minutes ago — She died peacefully, with family by her side. Mrs. Carter was married for 77 years to Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States and


9:42 short Eulogy, given by her grandson. Beautifully delivered. She had folks laughing at her :dove::white_heart::butterfly: ceremony!

1:42:54 full length :dove::white_heart::butterfly:cermon.
!Tribute Service for Rosalynn Carter |


How is this guy an icon (looking at the title of this discussion)?

Isn’t he a controversial person?


Many people think of him as a war criminal for example :thinking:


An icon does not necessarily connotates idol, or someone praiseworthy. In such cases, it simply means they are widely known on the world scene.

For example @feyfayer, @mirjam_465,

[Mahatma Gandhi] is revered as an icon of peace and humanity, while [Adolf Hit ler] is reviled as an icon of violence and hatred.
!,closely%20linked%20to%20an%20idea. (n.d.). Icon. In Dictionary . Retrieved December 02, 2023, from