An icon passed away today


just read about it and was looking for a suitable link… you were just faster :wink:
It’s a sad news, yet she had a fulfilled life with music and many struggles with cancer, may she rest in peace and without worries or pain. :candle::angel: :sob:

The movie Grease and all these songs were during my golden time of youth!!:dancer: Unforgettable!!



I just learned about this from both posts here. Wow!



one of my favorites!!!


Hmm, another soul left the earth. Raymond Briggs was a british Illustrator and the “father” of the Snowman, book and movie. RIP, you brought many children and adults joy of reading and looking at your lively drawings!!

One of my favorite x-mas stories.


not really an icon here, but thought I would just mention her.

Anne Heche’



It’s been in the news lately because of her speeding and crashing… it looks like a mysterious accident, we will probably never know the answer to it. RIP Ann…:candle::angel: her life was quite eventful, must be hard for her family now.


They did find drugs in her system, which could have contributed to the accident.


:fallen_leaf:Denise Dowse :fallen_leaf:


RIP to Olivia Newton-John. I knew about her struggles with cancer, but her death stil came as a shock to me. What a wonderful, talented lady she was. I’ll always remember her as Sandy in the film “Grease,” which is where I first knew her. My older cousin took us kids to the movie theater to see it, and I loved the film and her performance! I also remember her as a singer- I really enjoyed her hits “Magic” and “Physical.” I had the “Xanadu” Soundtrack album and would play it often in those days. I admired her charity work and advocacy as well. My condolences to her family, friends, and fans.


This is so sad. A young woman gone way before her time. :frowning:


For many Germans maybe more than an icon, without him unification in my country would probably still be a dream.


Yes I just read about him.


RIP. He was an iconic politician, thanks god the Soviet ideology fell apart, as we know the communist theory will never work… I too witnessed the occupation in 1968 by the Soviets… it was also disgusting how the division was made after WWII and allowed them Soviets to use eastern countries for economical resources and control.

I hope with his death folks and countries come together and remember what today’s Russian leader is doing and bringing disaster for no reason… instead of cleaning his own yard first.


A true icon, legend …
Queen Elisabeth II. truly an outstanding woman.



It seems almost unimaginable, even if it was more and more inevitable. She had developed an aura of immortality, at least to me. Until today, how many people could say they lived in a world when she was not the Queen? What a legacy.


yes 70 yrs as queen, awesome, your majesty RIP!!


It’s almost surreal, even though I knew it wasn’t possible, It seemed like she would live forever. It will be strange when the money starts changing.