[Announcement] 2017 Summer Sub-a-thon!


Celebrate the last of summer with us and have the chance to earn an exclusive badge!

Join the 2017 Summer Sub-a-thon for a shiny new badge (or two) and a chance to win some signed swag! More details on how to participate below!

When: August 20-26th 11:59 PM PDT

New Badge Opportunities: Make a minimum of 1000 contributions (1000 subtitles and/or 1000 segments) to receive an exclusive badge to show off on your profile!

There will be two new badges, one for segmenting and one for subtitling, to celebrate your contributions and the Year of the Rooster!

New badges will be applied after the week of August 20-26th.

3 Grand Prizes: Top 100 contributors can qualify to win grand prizes which include signed goodies!

Are you ready to join in the fun?!

You can search for shows to segment or subtitle using the [Project Finder] (http://subber.viki.com/project_finder).

For more information on how to subtitle and segment, you can check out our [FAQ] (https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/sections/200155995-Subtitling). If you have any questions, you can reach out to us via the [Help Center] (https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).

As a friendly reminder, before working on a channel, be sure to [reach out to the Channel Manager or Moderator] (https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/200138974-How-to-message-a-Channel-Manager-or-Moderator) for your language to let them know you’d like to volunteer!

Happy segging and subbing!

Viki Community Team


@camiille it’s finally here, thank you and last time there was a link to register our subs/segs before starting… will this time be a link as well??

For newcomers checkout this Introduction Video how you can contribute subtitling:


Seems super fun! Just make sure to watch out for abusers. :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t viki have an automated way of knowing each volunteer’s sub count at any given date?

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Would it be possible to ask that any prize winner’s work be reviewed for actual usefulness before an award is given, to say prevent 10 episodes of useless segmenting or someone subbing in garbage like punctuation or musical notes instead of the language and actual subs needed? We still have instances where folks are on the leader board for giving us this useless “work” in place of that which will help us complete the projects.

Also require that they have joined the Team where they are working and otherwise follow the guidelines. Cut back on random acts of eager yet ill-executed “work” before it happens.

Another option would be to limit this to any channel Viki is directly managing - that would at least limit some of the possible problems. Doubtless there are several of those that have waited for sub or seg a long time and it would be very welcome. :slight_smile:


Ah, that awkward moment when you have a thesis to write but there is a sub-a-thon and there’s no way you’re missing it… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @simi11,

Thanks for your inquiry. There will be no registration link beforehand that you have to fill out!

And thanks for providing that video!

Viki Community Team


Why don’t you do this earlier? The summer is almost end :disappointed_relieved:


@camiille Can you please clarify whether the Sub-a-thon begins at August 20 11:59 PDT? Then it ends on August 26 11:59 PDT?

If it starts at a different time other than 11:59 PDT on August 20, 2017, can you make it clear for all of us?

That way there won’t be confusion on the total number of segments or subtitles we make on August 20, 2017 or August 26, 2017 due to time zone differences.

Thanks and awaiting for your reply!


And here is where you can find the difference from PDT and your timezone.
For instance, it shows me that PDT and Greece, where I live, have exactly 10 hours difference. Therefore, 11.59 p.m. (that is 23:59, a minute before midnight) means that
in Europe and most of Asia the Sub-a-thlon will start on the next day, Monday August 21st (and end Sunday August 27th).
European countries will start on Monday morning and finish on Sunday morning
Greece and Russia at 10 o’clock in the morning.
Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France at 9 o’clock in the morning.
UK (BST) at 8 o’clock in the morning,
Asian countries will start Monday afternoon and finish Sunday afternoon:
India at 12:29 (IST)
China at 14:59 (CST)
Korea and Japan at 15:59 (KST)
Australia at 16:59
Anadyr, Russia, at 18:59

And so on and so forth. But if you go further to the east, you don’t go to Monday morning. Interestingly, you go a day BACK, because you find the US again, so it’s Sunday.
Hawaii, Sunday 20th, 20:59 HAST
Alaska, USA, Sunday 20th at 22:59 AKDT

I created an event page, from where you can see your own country. In case your location isn’t shown by default (mine is), you can click “Change location” or scroll below where there is a big list.


Now I know, why I never even bothered for this, for me doing something like this on a Monday is just not possible. In Europe from 9 am until the next Sunday 9 am … No way. :neutral_face: When I subtitle most of the time it is on a Sunday …

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Even American volunteers don’t get a Sunday at all. Actually they are in a worse position than us.
They start on Sunday midnight (so technically Monday, and who will want to subtitle on a night before a weekday?) and stop on Saturday midnight. Strange, right? Considering most of us work or go to school on weekdays and Sunday is the best time to do this.

Let’s see, who gets a Sunday? People in Korea, Japan and Australia do get Sunday morning at least, since it ends at 5 or 6 in the afternoon, but not a full Sunday.
To get a full Sunday where would you have to be located? I think there’s no place in the world. The furthest I found was Anadyr, Russia, where they do have Sunday up to 7 in the afternoon. But after that, there is the Pacific, and then you go one day back, just like Phileas Fogg in “Round the World in 80 Days”, who was still able to win his bet. (I still haven’t wrapped my head around that, LOL)


Since it’s not a race of who finishes first, 7 days are 7 days no matter where you are. And that includes two days of weekend. I think it’s fair for everyone :smiley:

If you can match the time it’s good then …
I could only make it on a sunday morning around 6am to 9am, will I? No. I won’t pressure me doing subtitles in order to win something in two hours, I could get myself the badge but I rather enjoy the sunday morning with a nice and calm breakfast I can’t have at weekdays.
Yes, it is not about coming in first, but it doesn’t help if you got less then a few hours of your “potential contribution window” to do so.

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Why do I feel like the PDT clarification applies only for the last day (as in the exact time the sub-a-thon ends)?
I mean since the 26th is a Saturday, it only makes sense that the start of the sub-a-thon is at 00:00 of the first day (Sunday the 20th) PDT.
This way the sub-a-thon would be a FULL week.


No, you have exactly 7 days. Which means you have the entire Sunday, until Monday 9 am

It’s not a full week if it starts on Sunday 20th at (almost) midnight and ends on Saturday 26th at (almost) midnight.
I wrote a whole post on how it does not include two days of weekend for US and Europe residents. It’s only Saturday but not Sunday.
Only people in Australia and East Asia have half a Sunday.

UNLESS they didn’t write it right, and the time is different for one of the days.

I want to partecipate, too!

yup in NH it’s 3 am on the 21st of August the 1 minute before midnight is so “epic” it starts in US when folks are sleeping and is only 6 days, not sure, I find it a pity why not run it till sunday a full day but only till 3 am… :crying_cat_face: