ANNOUNCEMENT: Down-time for Subtitling Tools on 28th Feb, 1AM UTC

Hi guys!

Just a heads-up. We’re performing maintenance for the subtitling tools on 28th Feb, 1AM UTC (27th Feb, 5PM PST for the peeps in the US) for around half an hour.

During this maintenance window, the subtitling tools will be inaccessible. However, the rest of the site and Viki apps will still be up and running.

We’ll work to perform this maintenance as fast and as smoothly as possible, and get the subtitling tools back up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you for your kind understanding!

Viki Community Support Team


Thanks so much for letting us know! (And you just saved yourself and other staff from a flood of preoccupied messages)

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We appreciate the advanced notice.

Oh cool! Thank you, Kristie - I will post this notice on our Team Discussion Boards and HOPEFULLY you won’t get any notices from us. :slight_smile: (and I’ll try to get anything major done well before that time…probably be a good moment to WATCH a video, not edit one after that :slight_smile: )

Let’s see…checklist in hand …posted notice and highlighted SO everyone will read it in theory, CHECK! work on editing with a shut down on my projects 30 min out to hopefully be sure it all saves…! check! about 3 hours left to get something done today…hurrying out

GeNie of the Lamp POOF!

Hey guys! Maintenance is over! The subtitling tools are back up and running! :smile:
If you’re still unable to access them, do let me know!


I am trying to watch episode 8 of Fair Lady Hong Shim and the subtitles are not working. It all began at 1 pm today but I am in the US.

Hi, I’m still unable to access to the subtitling tools


For the past few days, I had no problem with subtitling or segmenting tools.
But today, when I wanted to segment after the maintenance:

  • the saving process takes longer in the segment timer, I have failed attempts to connect to the server error messages in red.
  • I lost a post that I wrote on Team Notes, it was my progession with time marking for many episodes that I was fixing. I lost it all :sob: Why didn’t I write it on a google sheet?
  • I don’t see blue waves anymore in segment timer (just happened a few minutes ago)
  • The segment timer tab is loading forever on my browser and when it’s finished, there are still no blue waves.
  • I have problems connecting to Viki Discussions, it’s loading for a long time. I tried to upload a picture on Viki Discussions, it’s uploading forever, I can’t upload anything.

I already tried to refresh, to go out, enter the segment timer again, it’s still the same result.

Thank you for your help

Me too, this last hour nothing works on Viki, editing tools or the forum.

Hello Viki… Why all subtitles has a big sizes and has a black background … I’ts so disgusting the change that you did… Please go fix subtitles and Put them like a few days ago… Thank you so much,

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there’s a one line on the viki twitter about a global server melt down and well, it’s viki, df, and soompi so far.

it is time to take a breath and walk out into the real world until well, the vikiverse gets a grip on itself and the gerbils return from their strike.

Noah Veil

No buttons as well and missing time bar and full screen not working. Trying forever to get back to episode 9 of Pasta. How much longer till fix is completed? Already 2 hours of trying …canada.

Viki app on mobile and tablet is working correctly and on Rave media on mobile and tablet too.
The only thing about Rave media is that I can’t connect with my Viki account through Google + because they don’t have the suggestions button. So I can’t watch series with Viki pass access.

The subtitling tool is working for me :smiley: So let’s just subtitle xd

Hey guys,

Sorry that you were experiencing multiple issues with the site. This wasn’t due to the maintenance, but was due to the ‘Amazon AWS S3 outage’ today that caused multiple features on the Viki web and app to go down.

The issue has been since resolved by Amazon and everything should have since fully recovered. Viki should now be working normally again.

If you continue to experience issues, let me know so I can further help! :slight_smile:


you brave soul… :slight_smile:

I mean, I salute you…(waves hat) but me, I am giving myself a few hours off.

Got a lot done before the vikiverse threw all its clothes off and danced on the tables…possibly a tarantella, but a can can for sure. :slight_smile:

That final edit will be there tomorrow, o very yes. 2 am Elves are apparently great in High Elvish but refuse mostly to help me out with that TE and English edit. Go figure. Sigh.

Banshee Maxima

I think it’s settled for me, thanks Kristie!

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