🎊 [Announcement] New Japanese Shows & Dramas + Sub-a-thon Info 🎊

Hello Community!

Are you ready for some exciting news?


You’ve asked, you’ve waited… Japanese shows and movies are coming back to Viki! Yatta! From high school rom-coms to hit movies, we’re thrilled to bring you some of the hottest titles from Japan!

On November 1st, catch these shows and movies on Viki:

You can also find titles that have just been added by visiting the Explore page, or search for titles to work on using the Project Finder.

We thank you for all your hard work on previous Japanese shows and hope you enjoy these new titles.

But that’s not all… To celebrate this (re)launch, we’re happy to announce a special badge opportunity, featuring a new badge starring Okaimono, the Rakuten Panda!


When: Nov. 3rd 00:00 PDT ~ Nov. 13th 23:59 PDT

How to participate: Subtitle or segment on any of the newly launched Japanese titles. The top 50 subtitlers and top 50 segmenters will receive this exclusive badge. Top 3 subtitlers and top 3 segmenters will receive a special Rakuten x Viki grand prize!

For more information on how to subtitle and segment, please refer to our FAQ. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the Help Center. And as a friendly reminder, before working on a channel, please message the Channel Manger or Moderator of your language to let them know you’re interested in volunteering!

Happy segging and subbing!

Viki Community Team


i wish i knew japanese so that i could help out but i can not express how happy i am that i can finally watch new j-dramas!!! best news ever!!! thank in advance to any and all subbers that will be making my dream come true of finally getting to see a j-drama that is not over 2yrs old. thank you!!! and i will be waiting for nov. 1st.although two of the three dramas you listed are 1 to 2 years old at least one was made in 2017 and i am hoping j-dramas will eventually come out like k-dramas (simulcast).


Hello Community,

The announcement has been updated with a sample of the exclusive badge for the Japan Relaunch Sub-a-thon!

Viki Community Team


I’m getting worried again. i have seen that the new japanese shows have been listed on “coming soon” section (yea!!) however when i switch to eng subtitles they disappear. does that mean that i got exited for nothing and the new (finally) j-dramas will not be available to anyone who needs english subs?

It probably just means since the videos have not been released yet, they are not subtitled yet.

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Hey Dale - from the announcement, I’d guess that these shows will be made available for segmenting and subtitling (and viewing) by November 1. I’m happy to see that these shows have been licensed, and hope to be contributing when that happens.

Where do I sign up to join the Jpn-Eng team when there is no Channel Manager? Is it going to be opened for anybody to just add subtitles? What I am afraid is that people just start adding subtitles in different languages when it is not released to get the badge…

I assume (and hope) the process will be controlled so that segmenting and subtitling will be open to team members only. As per your comment, though, we can’t request or be assigned to a team until Channel Managers are designated. We’ll have to keep checking, I guess.

Hi I want to sugest that you upload the drama the rose of Sharon has bloomed and it is good korean dramas. Please upload on viki.

you can leave post that you want to contribute in the comment section on the channel page, in that way actually a new CM can get people faster… the mods doing this already.

Thanks for that information! If we can do that, I’ll go ahead and put my request in there.

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Attention: all above mentioned Japanese channels have now a CM, to all good luck who wants “a piece of the cake” :cake:
A little helping tool how to subtitle:


Hi! Everyone and @camiille :relaxed:

I was wondering if this time around will be this option:
“Make a minimum of 1000 contributions (1000 subtitles and/or 1000 segments)” like the last ‘Summer Sub-a-thon 2017’ back in August or a similar option.

I think it would be a good idea if everyone has the chance to participate and help somehow.
As Japanese dramas have only between 6 to 10 episodes most of the time. Sure the most active segmenters and subtitlers will try to contribute as much as they can and what about the other contributors who wanted to help somehow? They will no be able to contribute at all.

I really hope everyone who has some available time between Nov. 3rd - Nov. 13th will have the chance to at least obtain the badge for their help, you know. :confused:

Let me know what you think.

May you all have a nice day!


I second that. :slight_smile:


@camiille @jadecloud88 @philar02

I agree with that too. I think everyone should get a chance of helping somehow. We are so many volunteers and there aren’t many Japanese title videos available for everyone who wants to help.
A minimun number of contributions for either subtitles and segmenting should be established.
I am 100% sure everyone wants the panda badge at least :slight_smile:
Hope we all get a chance to help :confused:


If they are “coming soon”, which means they have not come yet, how can there be English subtitles?

I don’t know either. all i know is the other “coming soon” shows stayed there when i clicked on english but the japanese ones didn’t. that was why i was asking. however they stay there now so i am assuming it is because it has english subbers now.

bumping the post for visibility… I really hope, we’ll get the minimum special J subathon badge :pray::pray:

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Hi @philar02,

Thank you for writing in and providing your kind suggestions. I was also reading everyone’s responses in this thread. The feedback has been helpful in understanding everyone’s thoughts, so thank you for that!

These are all good points to keep in mind as we create future sub-a-thons and more badge opportunities for everyone. The badge implementation process for the Japanese Sub-a-thon badge has already been created, but I will definitely bring these discussion points into the conversations with the Community Team!

Again, thank you for your continued feedback!

Viki Community Team

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Everyone should have a chance to sub in those few shows? What?
Forget about the badge for a moment, please, people. It’s still a normal show, and it should have a normal team functioning correctly and with a normal workflow, not a team with a zillion subbers!