Announcement: Suggestion Tool "Fill" button removal

Hi Vikians!

As we look to further improve our tools and contribution experience and as requested by many members of the community, we have fully removed the capability of adding suggested AI translations from various languages by removing the “Fill” button located on the subtitling tool on all channels.

How does this affect contributions and workflows?

No impact on workflows or contributions is expected as users can still translate and work on the episodes as usual.

Will you remove the “Suggestion” line under the text box?

For the time being, we’re not planning on removing the suggestions that will appear on certain shows under the text box. What we hope is that these suggestions will be taken as helpful guides and then further improved by the translator, who will then proofread and add missing context from these suggestions.
The suggestions are usually literal translations and should always be taken as such. They should serve as a guide and not used without fixing grammar, context, syntax and/or continuity errors. Be nice to your team editors! Failing to do so might result in corrective action by Viki.

Feel free to share your feedback or concerns regarding the removal of the Fill button. We’re always looking to improve our community and your feedback goes a long way into making that happen.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year! :santa::christmas_tree::fireworks:

With love,



The Fill button? I’ve never seen it.
This is also, I suppose, an answer to how useful it was to me.
No, but really, where was it? I never recall such a thing.
Just to make sure, I went and fished some screenshots I had kept, to see whether it was there. It wasn’t.


Maybe this button appeared only to users of certain regions?
I’m asking only out of curiosity because anyway now it’s gone and I wouldn’t have used it anyway.

Hi Irmar, long time no see. We had it in Spanish, I dont know what other laguages had it.

English and Italian certainly not.

There are also suggestions in French, but not on all dramas. Generally, suggestions are on Korean dramas.

I’m glad we don’t have the fill button anymore. But it would be better not to have any suggestion at all.

PS: “Hag” does not mean “Chérie”.


It was available in certain channels and only for certain languages. :slight_smile:


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I know. The only screenshots I have saved are the ones of weird translations. I have a whole collection of them, although most are in Italian and in Greek.

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