Annoying subtitles that bothers Me/Myself and I/ to see them here at this site

This whole thing is unfair to ALL VOLUNTEERS that have faced bullying from certain teams here. IT’s not UNFAIR for me since to answer your question: I no longer volunteer here for a long while now, and the last time I did, I faced bullying from the team I worked for back then; so I stop volunteering so I didn’t give the pleasure to these ‘‘bullies’’ to play games with me like they did years ago, and a while ago when I tried to volunteer again.

To answer your question; NO, is not Hard on me. I’m hardly around here anyway, but lately noticed a lot of injustice going on so I wanted to use my VOICE for those that are too afraid to do so. I hate bullying, social injustice, and if we all stay SHUT/QUIET this situation will only get worst. To solidarize myself and show my support I will add this link @unique_lady

It’s difficult talking about a mistake in a language you don’t know.
It might be so that this person indeed doesn’t have enough knowledge, I don’t know, I don’t know Spanish.

Thank you so much for understanding what I was trying to convey all along. Most of the people that can’t understand my frustration with what’s going on with some Spanish teams here at RViki are people like you, and many others that has no knowledge of the Spanish Language so many (not saying you) attack me, and only opt for criticizing anything I write about in here and even went as far as making my account to be suspended. That is why; I have always refrain myself from giving any opinion about a Language I have no knowledge of, and when I have any kind of doubts I always asked around.

Last Note on this
PS. I don’t know if you are aware that we have some volunteers here (I’m not one of them) that suffers from depression, and even mentioned to me they had suicidal thoughts (I can’t out of respect mention their names), but I can tell you that this form of bullying while volunteering here is detrimental to their state of mind, and I don’t want them to think that no one cares for them because I DO. No matter what Language it is (not only Spanish) I care, and hope my support and understanding reach out to them.


Dear Angel,

I believe it’s Very Important to explain this once again, just in case of any doubt: it wasn’t my Spanish Mod., she was utterly suprised and not happy at all about my mysterious removal and added me right away everytime I wrote her about the issue - even though I asked of her to please let me remain as, perhaps if it was abuse, the abuser intended for me to.

She is very professional. So, when I misteriously was removed for the third time, of course I wouldn’t ask her to re-add me. Why? Because if i was removed by someone who wanted to aim at me, she would suffer from abuse as well, even though indirectly.

You see, when I was a teenager, my teachers paired us up for teamwork with those we liked less in order for us to learn how to deal with and respect each other and work together towards a goal looking at the big picture - as it should be. In the University they also insisted on training us and setting our minds to work with everyone towards the big picture.

Here in Viki as in the outside world as well, there’s absolutely not a single person whom I wouldn’t work with: all I care is about mutual respect and get the job done, nothing else. Everyone has a place under the Sun, so there isn’t a single person who can block us.

Didn’t I have great teachers? I’m truly thankful to them because their teachings are timeless and really make the difference in one’s life. ^^ :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

About my feelings: I did publish that topic to expose abuse is happening, mainly, because of my peers. It was for lending a hand on a greater cause. I’ve been living exactly as before it happened.

Remember? “I hate to be stepped on, so I don’t step on others”.
I’ve opted to delete out of my own volition about 2000 subtitles of my editing work, updating/correcting some details of my own previous projects (I even was a CM, co-Mod. and co-Editor of one of them!), by my own choice (I showed by prints the lack of explicit rules for OL Editors regarding the least ammount of necessary subtitles for ne/returning volunteers plus asked for community’s advice on the topic I flagged myself in order to delete it), so…

Would such a person really be unhappy about being removed from a team while there are always other projects to work on? Of course I didn’t like it, but it only was important because harassmet in Viki must stop for everyone now.

So, back to the topic of my answer: My Spanish Mod. is one of those gems here in Viki. Please, let’s all of us in here be all clear about that.

Thank you deeply, Angel, for speaking up for those who suffer from abuse and I thank everyone for understanding the fact that my Mod. is a true professional Viki gem. So, Please, Zero doubts about her - otherwise that would be truly unfair and we all (I believe) want a Fair Viki.. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Thank you.

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YES! YES! YES! we had/have some GEMS working here at RViki; they respect the volunteers, and once added to their team they don’t play games, and are serious about their duties as Moderators. BUT sadly, many of those gems I worked in the past left already, and when I came back, I was confronted with the most horrendous Spanish Moderators to work with, and although I reported them, showed evidence of what they did to me, the ‘‘viki staff’’ COMPLETELY ignored my issues, deleted all evidence I send stating they were PROTECTING the privacy of those I reported, but I got no consideration from two of the staff/moderator in charge at that time either (I found out they both left), so well… the ‘‘abuse’’ with me continued, and that is why I stopped requesting to be added in any team as a Spanish subber.

You are a sweetheart, and I’m so sad because you so happily even told me that if you become a Moderator in a project you would make sure to add me in your team. I just don’t understand why things turn out that way, and I hope all those volunteers going through a similar situation may they get closure, and our/their voice be heard LOUD and CLEAR.

THANK YOU for your support also. Good Luck.

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Subtitles that bothers me/myself and I, but now has become for me a source of laughter.

So FL tells a young guy assistant.

Beibei, you grow (instead of you grew). I remember when you came to my place (FL points at her shoulder).
She should have said: I remember when you were up to my shoulders.

Second female lead to Female Lead

I drugged him. The swelling in my stomach is from him.

So SFL commits the crime of drugging a guy (the only way he would touch her since he loves FL) and calls swelling to the fact that she got pregnant from ML when she drugged him. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

ML tells FL

How did you sleep when you woke up?

I believe he meant: How do you feel after having a good night sleep?

Mother of ML ask him

Isn’t everything fine?

I believe she had to ask: Is everything all right?

So evil second lead calls the male lead and says this:

I have an attack of illness come and see if I’m alright.

They write
Strageness (wrong spelling)
The have to say: That’s odd. There’s no such thing as stangeness.

The gorgeous ML tells his assistant

Anyone that find Dr. Blood the reward is me.

I would K i l l to get him but he meant: He will give a reward to whomever found Dr. (whatever blood means).

So killer uncle tells his nephew (ML)

I’ll b l o w his mind. Instead of: I’ll b l o w her brains out (to FL)

SML tells ML (check this out)


Person had an accident years back but didn’t die so I’m thinking maybe: You are the one who tried to K i l l me back then.

This is beyond disgrace as a subtitle
The Doctor (gynecologist) tells female lead.


COMING FROM A dOCTOR! :thinking: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

It should have been; Since you only have two months to live, you better have an abortion.

First, she’s dying anyway; why have an abortion? They (mother and baby) will both die together when her time comes to die. Why go through a painful procedure; if both will die within two months anyway? (she has colon cancer).

I need feedback…

What are your thoughts on this subtitle I saw in a drama?

They hadn’t given up the idea of the chain restaurants.

@mirjam_465 @tourmaline

It may seem correct to you because when you read it makes sense to you,

As @mirjam_465 can see I use the word it when it belongs/goes in a sentence. Although she added (see below) that we [S/P] don’t do so.

No, it is the way you and other Spanish and Portuguese speakers speak even in English. You tend to leave out the word “it” in English, just because you are used to doing so in your own language. For me, it doesn’t make sense at all cause in my language, you absolutely can’t leave it out.

I know I have never [SPOKEN] to you; so saying that q/u ''That I, as an Spanish speaker speak tend to even in English leave the word IT out because you are used to doing so in your Language ( she/he is referring to my native Language which is Spanish). THIS is a false statement. I ONLY leave IT out in a sentence when is NOT necessary in the sentence.

For me, it doesn’t make sense at all cause in my language, you absolutely can’t leave it out.

IN Your Language you absolutely Can’t leave the word it out.‘’ That’s the syntax/grammar rules in DUTCH which you always tell me is your native language. NO ONE should argue in a Language they are not proficient enough because you will be giving the wrong information to the readers that read your information. For you to say we (Hispanic) leave out the word it all the time: you must provide Evidence we do so. I have NEVER questioned/criticized a language I don’t know (yours included) I ask you or other volunteers questions.

I HAVE ALWAYS told you, and I even apply that to myself: ‘‘WE CAN’T argue in a Language we have no knowledge of/ or we are proficient enough.’’ As far as I know you, if you have any Spanish/Portuguese knowledge is just basic and you can’t claim you know the grammar rules in any Language unless you study for years or go to a School to learn the grammar (in this case) Spanish/Portuguese bc you are accusing both of us of not using it ‘‘when we speak’’ I believe you mean when we write.

I added this here because your statement was/is wrong, and people need to know the right information so I added some examples:
Excerpt: langeek
The creatures (that I find most interesting to watch) are the… The relative pronoun is understood. The it is unnecessary.
Subject or Object Pronoun
We can use it as an empty subject or object. It is called ‘dummy’ because it does not refer to anything in particular. It can be used to emphasize the subject or to talk about the weather, the time, etc. It can also be provisional, used to introduce something, or it can be anticipatory.
The sentence can be written with or without “it”, but the grammatical structure of the sentence differs slightly and thus the meaning slightly as well.
I will work with the sentence below for the sake of simplicity of the explanation:
“The creatures I find it most pleasurable to watch are birds.”
First and foremost thing to recognize is that [I find it most pleasurable to watch] < this part is a relative clause that is describing about [the creatures]. So it is the same as the sentence below:
“The creatures which I find it most pleasurable to watch are birds.”
By the rules of grammar, the relative clause is an incomplete clause, meaning it doesn’t have the subject or object in the clause, because the word which the relative clause is describing is already in the front (in this case [the creatures]).

With “it”
“The creatures which I find it most pleasurable to watch are birds.”
When the sentence has “it” in the sentence, “it” functions as preparatory object, where “it” is referring to [to watch the creatures]. [the creatures] comes in here because this clause is originally relative clause, and [the creatures] was put before the relative clause. I simply moved it back into the place for easier understanding.
so [I find it most pleasurable to watch the creatures] < this sentence is S V O OC pattern, and [it] is O, [most pleasurable] is OC, and [to watch the creatures] is the part that has been moved to the back of the clause replaced by preparatory object [it].
Basically below two sentences were made into one sentence.
[I find it most pleasurable to watch the creatures.]
[The creatures are birds.]
So the speaker is saying that what he/she enjoys to do is “watching the creatures”, which are birds.

Without “it”
“The creatures which I find most pleasurable to watch are birds.”
When the sentence doesn’t have “it” in the sentence, [the creatures] functions as the missing object of the relative clause. So you can write it like [I find the creatures most pleasurable to watch]. In this case, having no object after [to watch] is okay because [to watch] functions as an adverbial phrase that works on [pleasurable]. So this is a complete sentence with another S V O OC pattern. But in this case [the creatures] is O and [most pleasurable to watch] is OC.
Basically below two sentences were made into one sentence.
[I find the creatures most pleasurable to watch.]

This discussion comes from: Problem with size of language community and projects - #36 by mirjam_465

WHICH I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE TO @masakocevar36_3 for going off Topic in her thread.

Go back to your translation tools, @angelight313_941 I could point out tons of cases at Discussions alone where you leave out it when that’s not appropriate in English and I, as the ignorant non-native you think I am, can even understand why that happens and have never blamed you for it. All I did was attempting to make you see why using translation tools to judge people is a bad idea because languages differ from each other in certain ways. If you want to twist things into attacking me, then I’m done. I know my worth when it comes to languages and there is nothing you can say to make me feel insecure in that area.


The thing is you are putting words here that you yourself are saying to yourself.

What do you gain from blaming me from not using the word ‘it’’ like it’s such a crime?

I know my worth when it comes to languages and there is nothing you can say to make me feel insecure in that area.

If that statement in your heart was true; you wouldn’t take everything that I wrote here, personally like if I was saying it ONLY to you. On the other hand, you are the one finding fault with everything I do here. You have the right to your opinion without accusing me or Portuguese people of doing something that’s very common to do which is missing a word here and there.

I discussed in the other thread a method I used, and you can be against it, but you have to respect what I wrote there even if you don’t agree with it, not debating it throughout like what I’m doing it’s all wrong, and I have no right to even make a mention of it.

This is an example where in my English sentence I didn’t use the word it, and me, myself and I, will explain the reason why I did it.

That’s exactly what I want to happen: that no one can flag anyone’s post

The above statement I want to keep it as PRESENT/FUTURE. The next sentence supports that; quote/unquote : ‘‘That no one can flag anyone’s post.’’

If I wrote: That is what I want it to happen. Logically, the it would make it sound like it was a past tense statement, but I want readers to know that me, myself and I, 1,000% want right now; for the flagging comments feature to be eliminated from RVIKI site.

My dear @choitrio posted this link in October 2023 but I just found this great info today so I want to share it with all of you.

Most People Use Slang, Even When Unsure of Meaning | MultiLingual

A common rule of thumb that translation and localization professionals are bound to hear at some point in their career […]

Est. reading time: 3 minutes

Quoted by @choitrio
Unfortunately, many translators make this mistake.

IN CASE you don’t want to read the whole article this is interesting to know.
Source: Preply

Perhaps unsurprisingly, parents tend to find slang a bit more annoying than adults without children — about 66% of parents said they found it annoying compared to 46% of non-parents. This makes sense, given that young people tend to be the most prolific slang users and inventors — it can be hard to communicate effectively with your teenager if you’re unsure of what words like “low-key,” “ghosted,” or “on point” could possibly mean.

@Swedish subbers out there.

If you have the time. Do you see anything wrong in this Swedish sentence?

  1. Hyeongnim. Vad kan finnas i det tomma huset nu när den gamla damen är död?
  2. Jag är trött, ni får plocka maten själv.

I put it through several translation tools, and the English sentence don’t make sense to me, but I would love to have any input from ppl. that know Swedish and are subbers here at Rviki.

You’re probably not looking for my answer since they are subs that I made. But it is yet another case of: context is everything, and GT is unreliable.

For the first sentence, the English subtitle was,

  1. Hyeongnim. What could be in the empty house now that the old lady is dead?
    Context: The character is looking for something in an empty house after the old lady that lived there had passed.
    I put my Swedish sentence into GT and surprisingly got the same exact sentence as the English subtitle (for once lol).

For the second sentence the English subs were;
2. I am tired, so feed yourselves.
Context: The tavern owner was reluctant to giving the characters food and a place to sleep. In the end she gave up, offered them one room and said “I am tired, so feed yourselves.”
My Swedish sentence gets translated in GT as “I’m tired, you can pick the food yourself.” This indeed does not make sense in English, but if I were to translate “feed yourselves” literally to please GT, the phrase in Swedish would be “mata er själva.” This makes no sense in this context. “Mata” means feed as in feeding a baby or feeding a child. The tavern owner is saying “feed yourselves” when she means “help yourselves [to the food].” In this case, “Plocka maten själva” is a better choice as that means they will have to grab the food themselves (the tavern owner will not serve them the food.)
“Plocka maten” gets translated as “Pick the food”, pick as in picking something up, not pick as in choosing. This translation doesn’t make sense in English, but can be said in Swedish, though mostly used when you get food from a buffet/feast, as you “pick” various dishes.
(But I did just notice that I wrote “själv” instead of “själva”, a typo on my part)
There are honestly multiple other ways to translate “help yourselves”.
a) “Ta för er” - I chose not to use this as it has a positive indication and the tavern owner was not happy with the characters she spoke to.
b) “Ta maten själva” (Literal translation: Take the food yourselves) - This sounds wrong in English but is another viable option in Swedish that could replace “Plocka maten”, and perhaps a better phrase
c) “Hämta maten själva” (Literal translation: [go and] Get the food yourselves) - This works in English too, but could indicate that the food is rather far away, when it is almost in front of the characters. The Swedish phrase is another viable option that could replace “Plocka maten”.

I wrote these subs at 2 am last night and have not gone over and edited them yet, which I always do once I’m done with the episode. But hopefully you can see just how unreliable using GT can be, no matter how well trained it may be. The translation itself can be correct, but because AI doesn’t know how to take context into account or its lacking vocabulary/understanding of phrases, relying on it yields inaccurate results.

  1. Hyngnim, vad kan det finnas i huset, nu när den gamla damen dött?
  2. Jag är trött, ni får laga eran egen mat (or “ni får fixa maten själva”)

That’s what l would have written and it’s similar to @kristelrose but not exactly the same.


For this part, the food was being cooked or already done. But this just goes to show how important seeing the scene/knowing the context is (something an AI can’t do, yet.)
Your translations are great as always though! It’s interesting how there are many ways to translate the same thing, and at the end of the day it comes down to some personal choices.


Exactly, it’s hard translating or having a strong opinion on something we can’t see or have the full context of. The “fixa maten” could be feed yourself and in a show about old Korea or China that would have been a really really bad idea.

I’m seldom disappointed in your translations they are often on point, you and I know that there are really horrible Swedish translations here on Viki by people that might not care enough… :confused:


The example of a bad sub you showed me yesterday is worth mentioning in this discussion!

“Jag har blivit inramad” as a translation for the English “I have been framed.”
“Inramad” is a word used to frame a picture, yet if you don’t know Swedish and only look at the Google translation to English, the English sentence looks perfectly fine.

It’s sad that some show less care about the subtitles. I’m definitely not faultless, I have a lot to learn but I do my work with care, sometimes at the expanse of speed… but I’m still green and will hopefully find a balanced rhythm like you have :slight_smile:


No, don’t say that you are great and some that I have and will recommend to others when searching for a Swedish moderator. Being slow and really understanding what you are doing (and trying out different words) is better than fast and nonchalant. And 171544 subtitles according to Viki has hopefully given me some experience. lol


maria_lavendula_77 1. Hyngnim, vad kan det finnas i huset, nu när den gamla damen dött?2. Jag är trött, ni får laga eran egen mat (or “ni får fixa maten själva”)
That’s what l would have written and it’s similar to @kristelrose but not exactly the same.

Can you please be a sweetheart, and write to me in Swedish how you would have written these two sentence since they are not exactly the same as long as the meaning is the same. Since you know Swedish. Please… :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :hugs:

PS Don’t write Hyungnim which is obviously Korean (that’s irrelevant).

I put your subtitle on GT, and it gave me this translation in English:

I’m tired, you can cook your own food (or “you can fix the food yourself”)

Jag är trött, ni får laga eran egen mat (or “ni får fixa maten själva”)

In my opinion your Swedish subtitles were great because the translation in English was the correct format in a sentence structure, and meaning which proves all along what I had said in the other thread.

If the sentence/subtitle in ANY OL is written correctly; the translation tool WILL give the person looking for a translation in English the correct English sentence. On the other hand, if the subber doesn’t know the proper grammar/syntax or makes a typing error the GT won’t be able to give a sentence that will make sense to us.

I vehemently don’t agree with you on this since when I put your subtitle in Swedish I couldn’t make sense of it, and when I added @maria_lavendula_77 Swedish sentence, not only it made complete sense to me, but it’s exactly what the character in the drama was saying to the people; NOT: so feed yourselves (incorrect way to say this in English). It may sound all right to you, and many others, but @maria_lavendula_77 PROVED to me that it can be written in Swedish correctly enough so that in English it makes sense to the English reader/viewer.

My theory that we can check OL (as Moderators/other) on any translation tool, and still get great results still stands.

PS. I’m not saying you don’t know Swedish since you do know Swedish except you, yourself admitted you had not done editing yet in the drama, and made a typo.

I’m not arguing here your proficiency in Swedish, but I am arguing that Translation tools can be a source of help when needed in certain situations. Like adding All Language Moderators in rare language so they can get to have the chance to work in dramas. Instead of the UNFAIR new rule that without a Moderator in their Language they can’t volunteer to do subtitles in dramas/movies etc.