Answer with song title! [game]


Is there something you really wanted to change in your life but couldn’t?


I think that I already told you girls hahaha, I don’t want to be single anymore but…

Something that you want to do this year?


What will be your greatest accomplishment this year?


Get over with the depression :see_no_evil:

Something you regret the most about this year?


What will you remember as something good from the last 18 months?


Um . . . maybe NOT the future?

Sushi or gimbap?


Coffee ice cream or chocolate chip?


Of course! I actually searched it before you mentioned it this evening and was contemplating whether I should posted somewhere… but I don’t want to clutter discussions. This “song title game” is too addictive and brings so many memories. Today’s generation can’t understand, lol. Here one for you:


What is your passion (hobby or leisurely activity)?


Are you a daydreamer, and if so what do you dream of?


Breaking Free…

What might you find in your jacket pocket?


Like I’ve said, you never miss a beat 🪘 :notes: @kdrama2020ali :wink::+1:t5: that jet plane :airplane: come back, noice!


The extra bag, you never know what you will find while being out and then maybe buy another thing or two.
LOL okay, I know this has a double meaning … :innocent:

When you leave home, what will you double-check that you really didn’t forget to take it with you?


My wallet, my phone, my wallet, my phone, my . . .

Marry someone who gets your culture? Marry someone who gives you his/her culture?


I think my childhood dream of marrying and having 6 kids, yes, that was my plan at the age of 9 …
Is something I buried early in my teenager years, to finally think it is best not to marry. However, I wouldn’t, or more like I couldn’t let go of all I grew up with, so we would probably need to find our way to respect each other’s cultures and find our own unique way to live together.

Are you someone who gives in or someone who stands her/his ground?

😭Pot calling the kettle black 🤣

@lutra, your game play after trying to set @kdrama2020ali on track, and she did splendid right after, uhmmm. . . but now, :rofl::joy: between you, @simi11, and @misswillowinlove I mean, you can’t be thinking, if I can’t beat 'em, join 'em! :woman_facepalming:t5:


Sorry, might be my kind of logic, but I can’t follow you now … The questions were, if I would take on the culture of my future spouse, or would urge the other person to take on my culture. So it is neither for me.
So my answer is - I won’t back down, I wouldn’t want to get rid of my culture and I wouldn’t demand it from somebody else. What is so terribly wrong about that answer?

Let's review

And I :point_up:t5:

ijs. . .


My Logic is very ABSTRACT

  • The game has been played long enough - Sometimes the SONG is the answer!!! I post usually the song that comes to my mind as soon as I see the question- not necessarily the title itself - but I digress. - ABSTRACT but ARTSY it’s all good - But I have done better!!! Sometimes you just have to read between the lines - oh wait that’s a song

Segues Anyone?