Answer with song title! [game]


What do you like about yourself?


Always room for improvement :blush:

What is your go-to song to change your mood?


This has always been my uplifting song, it’s old but I have good memories! It’s a very light and easy song to sing along :musical_note:

What’s your favorite plant, can be herb, flower or that sort of :wink: :cactus::palm_tree::deciduous_tree::tulip:?


Sakura - Cherry Blossoms, cherry blossoms, in full bloom

Ok, Give us songs that tell you how to dance!


That’s a nice song, I used to have a Japanese Cherry tree next to my house and the blooms are just so beautiful!!


How Can You Be Better Than You Are Today?




Will you answer the last question to continue the game?
“How Can You Be Better Than You Are Today?”


It’s okay, no worries, the game like this:

  1. You quote the last question and
  2. answer with a song that question or close as possible and
  3. make a new question yourself to be answered for the next
    You can still play as it is sometimes funny! Try it again :+1:
    I try to answer the one from Ali with Madonna…


There is always room to Improve yourself.

What’s your favorite thing to do during the day?


Staying Up

What do you do at NIGHT??




kdrama2020ali bet you by 2 minutes, but you can answer her question with the same answer you just gave. LOL Still fits.


How do you endure your appetite on something, that you can’t get at that time, is there anything that can divert you?

Gloria Who? LOL

When was it, can’t remember … Normally we do it like this, if the game is back on the roll, do not change anything. Like in the drama, if you are back on track, there is the saying - What is in the past, stays in the past.


Gotta read the question, Ali… :rofl: One more try :wink:


Doesn’t it stand for both meanings - during daylight and during 24 hours?




Sorry my day - My favorite thing is night (is part of my day) and staying up so I did answer the question!!! You have to take personal experiences into account too! Right! :wink:


“New Perspective” :purple_heart:

What are you SO Passionate About?


Maybe we should talk about this tomorrow it’s almost 1am at my place, I need sleep.


Ali, this is not the first time… if I write during day it’s during day, plain English, a day is from 6 am till 6 pm then it’s evening/night. If you can’t answer during day, then do not… makes sense?
I will put the hours next time to avoid confusion. :+1:





a period of twenty-four hours as a unit of time, reckoned from one midnight to the next, corresponding to a rotation of the earth on its axis.

I get ya! Still my answer - A day is 24hours per the actually definition - this is just a fun game and I don’t understand why my answers have to necessarily be wrong :woman_shrugging: but we will keep moving forward and you guys have lots of fun keeping the game going!.. :sun_with_face:

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What Are You SO Passionate About…