Answer with song title! [game]


Stayin’ Alive!

This was # 1 back in my dancing days! :sunglasses:

Why are you happy?


I know that it is actually itself a question.
It’s asking “Why am I so happy” it’s an intro to an old kids show.

So I am asking what makes you happy?


Because I’m happy!

Aw rats! kdrmagirl beat me!

HEr question is:
What Would You Do If You Could Do Anything…???


I’d get me some Uptown Funk!

Now THAT is a dancing song! Oh Yea!

What makes you too hot!


What do you do when there is a fire?


I’d get me some ICE CREAM to cool off!

Where is your hide out?


Where no one can see,
draped in darkness,
where no one talks …

When is a time that you like to keep quiet?


What is your favorite activity on a sleepless night?


I used this one not too long ago, so this time another version …

… dramas are waiting, even I fall asleep, I can pick them up again, …

What will you do when you see a beautiful sunset?


Take a photo to keep a memory of it.

Who would you like to interview?


LOL if I could but it is out of question since this man already died - Roger Willemsen, only some Germans might know, him and maybe some from Afghanistan, well anyway …
Gregor Gysi - this song I found it by luck, of course it is nothing you can buy, it was used in a satire tv show - the melody might be familiar to your ears, Easy - The Commodores

What do you want for breakfast tomorrow?



Yuck! Hobie eats that pat of butter at the end! :crazy_face: :laughing:

Question: Who Loves you?


100 Ways Jackson Wang Loves You!

This always makes me laugh! :rofl:

Question: What’s for dinner?


What’s your perfect fun night out?


Sitting around a Feuer/fire with friends, someone brings the guitar, some will sing, “Stockbrot” literally bread on a stick hold it over the flames until it is baked. Or put potatoes …

What would be a song you would like to hear sitting by a bonfire?


Oh, I love bonfires and “Stockbrot” it brings back so many memories. At that time our got to song was “Willst du by Alligathoa” but we also used to play the 4 Chords song and sing any song that came to mind.

What do you want to do today?


A nice good morning - LOL - for all those who need a little longer to wake up, or need an hour or two of peace to get back to life …
Have a good day!

What do you need for a good start into the day?


Sunshine in the morning is a positive strength to start a day :muscle:

To what can you relate today? :laughing:


Wow, those advanced graphics. :rofl: Actually very impressive given the state of CGI back in the day . . .


It’s already 5 am where I am, and I haven’t slept a bit. I am tiered, but I know that trying to sleep now is to no avail. :sleepy: So, I’d wish for someone to sing me to sleep.

Something you do when you can’t sleep?