Answer with song title! [game]


I either drink chamomile/lavendel tea or take a small dose of Melatonin, you can get that at pharmacies in US over the counter, other countries I’m not sure. Melatonin mimicks natural hormone that prepares for sleep, it’s a non habit tablets. I have a 3mg bottle and take only have, it will relax you and fall asleep. - Also the best way to fall asleep is around 10pm once it’s past midnight it gets more difficult. Also take magnesium of at least 300mg in the evening this helps also… majority people do not get enough magnesium… just google it what the mineral is, it also helps when you get leg cramps… good luck… of course using electronic devices before sleeping is disruptive… I know that well…

And at last you can also listen to the Frequency music Delta waves, search for various options…


Listen to lullabies :grin:

When you leave the house, what do you take with you, anything?


You forgot your keys inside your home, the door is locked, nobody home, what do you do?


Apparently, it’s not the same as our “stokbrood,” which is basically bread in the shape of a stick (baguette).

Develop a trauma.

What would you think of a vacation on the moon?


Why go as far as to the moon for vacation, what do you think about a vacation only 2 hours from the place you live?


I like traveling around in the Netherlands. It’s fun. Also, you can reach Germany and Belgium in 2 hours, so why not? :smile:

Do you like staycations?

Feel good ... about it

In fact there is nothing bad about it, you can start to relax earlier, for me in two hours I can make it to France, Luxembourg and there is so much I have not seen yet from my own country Germany.

What do you like about your country?


What would you think of your country if you hadn’t grown up there?


While growing up what was the most exciting for you?


All of the adventures :smile:

What part of growing up do you miss?


Stayin’ Alive!

:laughing: Oh, yea. I was alive back in those days and dancing! And the cool guys dressed like John Travolta in that movie. :sunglasses:

(I was not a hippie) :rofl: :sunglasses: Mom would tell us when we were heading out the door, “Where do you pachucas think you’re going?” even though they were her generation, not ours. (Same bunch though, different era is all. :joy:

(Look up pachucas/ pachucos and zoot suits. )

Oh! My question!: What can you do on the moon?


@porkypine90_261 LOL sometimes in this game you need to look in the rearview mirror feyfayer bet you by 4 minutes!

I only know a few words of Spanish, well but the title is in English and the feeling is just what I get when I think about the days in our childhood, when we would dance and sing, and jump up and down laughing in the summer rain. (Until “Chernobyl” happened) That was the end of walking fearlessly in the rain.

Will I give @porkypine90_261 a chance to recycle her answer? I will, since she took so much effort to answer. So once again … My question is:
While growing up, what was the most exciting for you?


Stayin’ Alive!

Thanks Lutra! It took me too long to find my MV.

Oh! My question!: What can you do on the moon?


Not for me, but I couldn’t resist putting this song, so anyone who ever goes to the moon …

What other song of a planet do you like?


Venus by the hot Bananarama!!! These ladies rock!

If you could be a spirit, what kind of would you like to be? :open_mouth:


Oldie Goldie! This played on the radio several times a day back in 1969.
#Spirit in the Sky!

Question: Who’s your daddy?


Well how is it really meant :rofl: I’d say Puppet on a string

What will you do tomorrow?


That’s really old :smile: but it’s good music for dancing like Jive !


This was hard, okay, die Liste/ the list … I have one tomorrow, I should have started these things a few days ago now, it accumulated to a long list to take care of. Am I confident to get it all done? No, not really …

By the way the list mentioned in the song is about a different kind of list, he is singing about a woman who is on his list of the women still need to be kissed, and she made it all up there to the top …

What is on the top of your list of things to do next?


Last thing to do before I sleep :sweat_smile:
(Drying & folding)

What is the second thing on your to-do list?