Answer with song title! [game]


Who’s gonna take your garbage out? Me, me, me …
How hard was this, to find something?

What will be the last thing you will have to do tonight?


Well, someone needs to turn off the lights :joy:

How was your start in the week?


Is there anything nice on your schedule for this week?


That’s funny, I was just listening yesterday to Loretta Lynn and read about Sissy Spacek who then played her bio in the Coal Miner’s Daughter and won an Oscar.


The creepy Grinch’s schedule is…

What is your favorite food!


Ice cream- BLACKPINK

What do you like to do in your free time?


What did you do before reading this?


How did you feel when you woke up today?


How do you usually feel when you get up and have your first sip of coffee/tea/milk/whatever?


Like Dynamite!

Question: What is the name of a deer?


What do you sing under the shower?


I’m Singing in the Rain

Question: Where are you now?


This morning I overslept, but nothing I can do, you can’t deceive your body, if it’s tired, than it just is.

Any bad sleeping habits?


Some dreams are crazy :crazy_face:


I consider it a “bad” habit, since it tires me out so much :sweat_smile:

Favorite thing about autumn?


I just love the sound when you walk on them :joy:


Also, this song brings back memories of Rock am Ring in 2016… It was worth seeing Billy Talent live, although the rest of the festival got cancelled due to a severe thunderstorm alert.

Well since the time of the year, where you can buy Christmas cookies in the store began, at least here in Germany. :rofl: :santa: What is your favorite Christmas cookie or candy?


Mandelherzen/ Almond Hearts


are my favorite cookies, I did not think I would find anyhting as a song, so I prepared to bent the rules a little and wanted to post Marc “Almond” with Gene Pitney singing Something’s gotten hold of my “heart” LOL. But who would have guessed, there are all kind of songs …

What is your favorite “taste” of autumn?


Pumpkin pie! (I just found this on YouTube. This is maybe not for kids to watch. lol)

Question: How far can you go?


HAHAHA This was difficult
So very far from home

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


On a Rocket Trip on a supersonic ship. :laughing:

What is your secret?



(They got little cars that go beep beep beep - that’s me)

What treasures would you like to find?