Answer with song title! [game]


Okay, I wrote to Mary aka @frustratedwriter. I asked her more than once and told her she isn’t the first one who forgot to put in a question, but she wants to bow out, so I don’t want to pressure her more. Since it is like this we go back to the last question.

So this is a reset not a first in this game to, so the game is back.


The Sound of Music - Climb Every Mountain

Mountain climbing :blush:

Favorite thing about traveling?


What do you take with you on every travel you make long or short?


sorry everyone, but just didn’t know what question to ask with a song title.


You only need a song as an answer, for the question you can ask almost anything, well give the next one a chance to find an answer. LOL


thanks for your response


(travel opens up the world - I love it)

If you could help do anything for someone - What would it BE???


I have an open line …

How do you react when you see you missed 10 calls of your best friend?


Something’s wrong

Do you prefer phone calls or texts?


Definitely phone, to hear a voice … Yes! Way nicer.

Which songs do you like more, those who tell a story or those who are about the moment?


What’s invisible but you wish people could see?


I would like to at least try to get in enough shape to have some of the graceful moves of a real martial artist. That’s about as far as I would go toward experiencing an extreme sport . . . unless there is such a thing as X-ice cream eating!

Question: kitties, bunnies, or puppies?


I like kitties but I also love doggies - I have owned ferrets also :thinking:

Do you love or hate BUGS?


Well, I find them fascinating, but to be honest not in the house … LOL … So this is my answer, when one is in the house I catch them and place them outside …

What about you, if there is a spider/bug in the house, let them live, or …?


I take them outside to live the GOOD LIFE!

Have you ever saved a Snake, Turtle, Bird???


Well, I used to have a cat, so she loved the snakes in the garden so much that the snakes didn’t survive the attention from her.
Turtle my BFF in my childhood had a turtle, in the summer she was outside in her fenced place and after some time she was gone. We never knew how she was able to escape, but we were looking everywhere for her, and she was never found. That leaves us with the birds, I managed to catch my cat in the garden, when she just got a sparrow and it escaped, you should have seen that look in her eye, when the bird flew away … And another time indoors somehow she managed to stay unseen in the living room and we had young zebra finches learning to fly, I was looking while mommy and daddy finch flew their rounds with four kiddies, one of the kiddies (they didn’t fly to high), suddenly disappeared midair when passing the sofa with the purple blanket. Yes, indeed, cat was under the blanket. So after some “cat fight” the little one flew away right in front of the running TV screen and sat there breathing heavily, he survived later we could always identify him since he had a scratch on his beak.

Do you like birds? What especially? Or if not, why?


The can fly and therefore free (in a way)! I think predator birds are majestic :eagle:

I used to have quite many bird’s nests around my house with different species, robins, blue jays and mourning doves… and in winter I fed them generously, although rude squirrels tried to still the seeds… I did also the Cornell bird counting and one winter I fed a flock of 22 mourning doves… one was taken by a red tail hawk… only feathers remained on my porch… I had also many red tail hawks young and old in my backyard :heart_eyes:

What do you do in fall? Or your favorite fall activity?


Not doing much watching the Autumn Leaves fall and eventually if the wind is not with me LOL I need to clean up the pedestrian way, well the not so nice thing about the leaves.

What is your favorite color in autumn?


RED :heart: :leaves:

What Mountains Would You Like to Visit?


The green mountains of childhood far from the city.

What would you like in a cold morning?