Answer with song title! [game]


Do you love a good warm fire or a warm summer day?


Fire :fire::fire::fire:

Eyes in which color are in your opinion the most beautiful?


KangJoonie Hazel Eyes @my_happy_place

What is the most beautiful Hair Color to YOu?



Did you ever add color to your hair, if so what color, could be dye or even only sprayed on, haha, or a wig?

Shocking! 😯

You’ve betrayed the purple, 🟣 and the purple :purple_heart: heart! :joy::sob::joy::rofl:


I am purple and fuschia right now - purfuschia!

I have had silver and blue.



:musical_note: When I close my eyes, I wish I could see you! :notes:


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What color are the leaves this Fall??


What does “Paradise” look like for you?


Being Forever Young

What holiday music do you love???


Is there any holiday song that you like that is not in English?


Actually I love the whole album. This song is in French, Latin and German.

What do you prefere, snow or no snow on christmas?


Do you love watching the fire glow???

about the video

Oh, those pictures of dancing together and so much joy, never wanted to use these words, but - Good old days!

What do you need for Christmas to be perfect?


Nothing but a good time - Poison

What will be the first thing to do after holidays?


Spring is in sight. How are you feeling? :blush:


A Newborn Feeling… it’s time to start anew like the spring :wink:

I’m not that religious though… :sweat_smile: Noticed the 80’/90’ fashion, lmao

Your favorite activity in Spring (spring cleaning… workout… what else :rofl:)


Hahaha that fashion :rofl:

What else?

Going to the tulip farms and “tiptoe-ing” in fields, where it is allowed by the farmer of course! (I’ve seen too many people being disrespectful and destructive :cry:)

What is an activity you only do in Spring? :slightly_smiling_face:


Celebrating my birthday :see_no_evil:

How do you celebrate your birthday? :tada: