Any fluffy,girly dramas like playful kiss? or heartstrings?

even though im watching allot of dramas lately and have a long list of my own ahead of me of dramas i want to watch, im just curious to know if there are any really,fluffy,girly kdramas all about the girl and her crush.i miss dramas like playful kiss and heartstrings so much, and even though some dramas that im watching now are good, it seems to me that they dont make dramas like this anymore.

the dramas stall too much and drag on, and instead of it being all about the girl and how much she likes the guy and there adventures, it’s mainly about business,or everyone and there families and all there problems,and it isnt just SOLID on the guy and girl. like playful kiss or heartstrings was. maybe i just miss the highschool-love-type dramas. dont get me wrong,i like these other dramas,but they take too long for a kiss or they take too long to base it just on them two. i didnt start watching a rom com, just to get into the story of all the other characters. -__- sorry but this is just how i am. and i feel that allot of the old kdramas were so much more exciting. i havent felt that excited of watching a drama like staying up watching episode after episode until my eyes fall off and combust in a long time :confused:

anyways,haha any dramas like playful kiss or heartstrings? the cute,crush,girly rom coms?the types u watch with ur best friends and sit on the screen squealing and fangirling the whole time about how cutee the boy is and the moments between the characters?

maybe im asking for too much T.T

btw found this fanmade playfulkiss music vid and its so cute xD


There’s a Japanese version of Playful Kiss. And if you don’t mind venturing out of Korea there are a couple of Thai Dramas that focus on young love. There’s Full House (Thai Version) and Love to the Extreme.

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so ive heard : ) maybe i will have to start watching those soon hahaha
thanks for telling me

Soooooooooooo you want some Candy Fluff LOL Just You if you haven’t seen it!!! I MISS it sooooooooo much!! :’(

Sweet 18

She’s Nineteen


Devil Beside You

I know there is a ton more out there just what can think of ATM


oh,these look good!! thank you!!!
i watched:
-just you

and loved them,but just you dragged a bit and left the good parts for the last 2 minutes -___- still,it made up for it because it was aaron : )

someone told me she’s 19 is sad and that the actress killed herself in real T.T i cant watch it if its double sad, but who knows,i might just see what its about.

sweet 18 has been on my list for a longg time and i cant wait to see it. trying to finish the dramas requested to me so that i can hurry and see it already!

never heard of devil beside you, and the pic already looks interesting haha.

Girl. You better pull yourself together and finish the dramas you are watching and then move to the dramas moon embracing the sun or faith… I am going crazy with you lol
Seems like you need a book to write down what you want to watch

I love playful kiss awwww they are so cute in there and omg that kiss under the rain or their honeymoon ahhh my fav girly drama

I miss heartstrings : (

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LOLOLOOLOL T.T i know T.T dont worry! as soon as 49 days finish, imma watch it and ill let you know THE MINUTE i do. xD

and u better watch dream high!!! and BIG


i knowwwwww xDDDDD *squeals
he really was amazing they should make him do more of those kinds of dramas.

me too i miss heartstrings

btw beast sings a song for the Ost of BIG x)

Where did you watch she’s nineteen at?

i didnt watch this one but i did save it for later. see if this link works for u. :

thank you! i needed this list today!

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Heyyy :wink: I’m just interested in korean dramas and playful kiss is one of the best. soo do u know other dramas like playful kiss? if u know plz reply :blush:

Well as my taste in dramas really changed i can’t stand those dramas anymore kinda BUT i recommend the taiwanese drama murphys law of love and the ESPECIALLY the chinese drama Boss and me (it is my fav non kdrama for ever)

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Thanks soooooooooooooooooooo much!
Everything has been boring lately. :blush:

i liked boys over flowers still playfull kiss the best but i want a new drama to watch i m rly bored pls help smth like playful kiss

Um “mischievous kiss” is the Japanese version of playful kiss and let me tell you this is amazing as much as I love Korean dramas I must admit it was really really good it has 2 seasons and I wish there was a 3rd but theses not which is sad but I love the playfull kiss aswell as its one of my favitout right Korean drama at the moment.

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The thai version of Playful Kiss just came out with the same male and female lead of Thai Full House.

Sassy go go!!!
High School love on
School 2015: it was a little intense but very interesting

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