Any volunteers working on "Ancient Detective" Chinese drama?

We are in midst of solving a very peculiar puzzle. The channel for Ancient Detective says it has no CM, nor any team members. But we see that the show has been translated to 11 languages.

Are there any team members for that project here in Discussions?

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Hi. The cm deleted his account so viki, in order to enable the button the apply for cm, had to “turn back time” but when a cm is chosen the whole team will apear. This also happened with the drama Broker. All of the dramas that were under this cm are in the same situation.


Oh :open_mouth: thank you for the information :blush::slightly_smiling_face:


We had no idea the team tab disappears when there is no CM anymore. Thank you for the explanation :blush:


The Glitch is probably to be blamed for the missing team members assigned. I have this show in my “Following” and in my “Collection”. I watched it a while ago, and just checked the name of the team that did the subs The Amnesia Team. The drama plays on the App.
So, you may want to check the screen credits for missing team names, and their name. :wink::+1:t5: