Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki

Put any spoilers in the blur mode as I am going to watch the 1st Eps in a few!


Shame it’s not on VIKI…


YOOO, esta buenisimo, deberia estar en viki


This show is AWESOME!!!


s’not on VIKI, so I’ll wait till after my finals :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: have funn and keep telling us how it is!!!


It is ABSOLUTELY Hilarious and the best shower scene I have scene in 55 dramas. It’s so funny! Song Joong Ki has outdone himself. This will be a huge hit I think! 2nd Eps tomorrow!


I want to watch that one. Where is it playing?

Scrap that! FOUND IT!. Netflix! Thanks! I didn’t realize it was released yet!

lol I was going to go binge watch but there is only 1 episode out so far… sigh I’ll wait till there are a couple more episodes out…


I’m so ready for the next episode! I hate not being able to binge!


They say patience is a virtue. :sunglasses:


Just finished watching the first episode and I like it so far. Is it just me, or does the beginning give off 007 movie vibe?

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I am waiting for the horse’s head on the pillow.
Here and there a glitch in the English but it is really enjoyable.
Can anyone who knows Italian comment on Song Joong Ki’s pronunciation please?
In episode 2 there is a scene in which some of the building tenants are practicing being zombies. At 49:42

  • That’s not how you do it.
  • Try that again, Larry.
    Does anyone know the reference to “Larry”? I am wondering if it is a reference to the American comedians, The Three Stooges, who were popular for 40 years.

ohhh that is LOW BLOW for k-drama fans :scream::scream::joy:


AAgh! You Godfather fan! You’re gonna make me watch it when there is only one episode!

Ok… ok. I’ll get back to you about the accents.

No Spoilers unless you look!

WOW! What an opening! I liked the scene when that other mafia guy, who killed his boss, insulted him - Song Joong-ki, kept an expressionless face as the wind ruffled his hair ominously. He is not ‘just’ a consiglieri! He’s a hit man! Song Joong-ki, calls him a Neanderthal in Korean, smiles then walks away! Oh! Hmm. I was wondering if his very elegant suit is Armani? Does anyone know? :sunglasses:

Ok, no more spoilers!

Ok - my opinion of his Italian - Song Joon Ki either knows Italian or has a good voice coach. It seems grammatically correct. His accent is decent. He speaks carefully, but clearly. He doesn’t speak fast and is not as animated as the average Italian speaker.- Or is it just that his character is more reserved?

Now you did it! I have to WAIT for the next episode now! :tired_face:

Vincenzo is THE BOMB! (Gawd, that is really old slang! :upside_down_face:)

That shower scene! :rofl:


From the trailer, I’m getting Jung Kyung Ho vibes from Heartless City.

I was curious about the “Larry” thing so I went back to re-watch that part and I honestly didn’t hear it being mentioned.

Plus all the new dramas out right now are all good so it’s not that bad waiting each week “river where the moon rises” , “ Sisyphus” and Vincenzo are three dramas that have huge potential for drama of the year


I didn’t hear Larry but it is in the English subs.

That’s what I found strange. I didn’t think NF does any T/N and I really didn’t see any need for that reference. I think what I heard in Korean was “어설푸게” which just could have been translated to “half-baked”.

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**Please Blur Your Spoilers I have not watched Eps 2 yet!**:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:
I tried not to look! No horse head in the bed, nooooooooo! I like him hanging the guy out the window that was HOT I think his Italian is GOOD. I’ll read these after I watch the 2nd Eps


I am right now, but it has some flaws: he should have practiced some Italian (when he was talking to the italian guy scene), and he should fake an Italian accent like the Korean cook is doing lol. The story is not interesting at all, but I love him as an actor so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. By the way, wished he had tripped a few more inches back in the shower scene. lol