Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


YES! hope its a really good one!! just finished first episode, I am not going to judge till I see more


That was the BEST shower scene ever I had to watch it like several times!!! I like the story. I can already see the people in the building becoming a loveable SQUAD. I don’t know Italian so it sounded good to me! I have been holding off on really being a SJK fan but this might do it for me! We shall see as it moves forward!. And he looks AWESOME in silk PJs with a gun!


I watched the first two episodes on Netflix, and it was hilarious. This drama seems very promising. But of course, most do. I am looking forward to how the story unfolds.


Did you see Innocent Man? You will fall in love with him in that drama. The story in VICENZO doesn’t do justice to him. He is a very talented actor.



I LOVE THIS SHOW! I was ROLLING on the floor LAUGHING. And why do his Armani Suits keep getting Ruined! I really have not been a fan yet of his and I think I am now! I need to go back and watch more DOTS. I’m not a huge fan of the FL so that’s why I stopped. Must get some more SJK today.


When he told the Italian Chef: '‘thank you for removing the ‘‘maggots’’ that was the best part for me. Hope you check out innocent man he was bursting with sexiness’.

PS I didn’t watched DOTS bc of the actress and he ends up marrying her. I wonder why the marriage didn’t work…:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The snack bar and the kid with his mom and the Tteokbokki and his poor Armani! So FUNNY. WHY does he keep trying the food at the horrible Italian Restaurant??? ahahahahahahah

DOTS yes she is no a fav of mine. I liked Encounter because of PBG so I’m going to try and look past it and watch Big Boss because everyone says that character is so good! Innocent Man is on my watch list.


Those suits aren’t Armani. They are a different, more exclusive designer, Bora something. Can’t remember the name.

Oh, This is speculation.

Since this is a black comedy, I think those monks in the basement are really getting that gold out somehow. That head monk is sitting directly over the vault door.


just finished #2 , awesome!! can’t wait for the next one. yeah best shower scene, surprised he wasn’t scalded with that hot water


I am just using Armani to say it is expensive! I don’t know what kind they are but he looks good in them. And they keep getting ruin. I love the noise they make every time the monks are around that little donk donk sound. They keep talking about Budda and there is a gold Budda under there. Hmmmmmmm


The “Larry line” in episode 2 has been edited out.


what I don’t get is how he could be so stupid as to take a ride with that limo guy??!! like coME ON you’re a freaking mafia consigliere, can’t you be a little more careful? Even I wouldn’t have taken that ride and I’m not even that bright.
also I guess black comedy is just…ne style aniya :joy::sweat_smile:


y’know I also thought the same thing, and the driver even mentioned people deceiving people on their rides, and he drank the water too?? wow! yeah stupid, don’t they the riders usally bring their own drinks??? oh well, I do like the fella so I will watch this, oh another thing, maybe I am wrong, but his voice doesn’t sound right,not the language but his voice, note Descendents of the sun and here. again maybe I am wrong


Netflix tends to have the subtitles by 11 am which is a delight for anxious viewers so there will be some things that don’t belong in the translation, but they do edits once the viewers complain about it. The person working on Vicenzo is new as far as I know, and the really great one is working on other dramas so I expect some ‘‘boo boo’s’’ as I called them; but I know they’ll either change that person or the person translating will magically improve.

They usually keep the same translator to have consistency in the subs I believe changing the translators episode after episode create a mess in the translations bc one will write unni? while the other one, will write the character’s name (I personally like to see the character’s name). Like I can never understand how a person calls a stranger coming through their door ‘‘unni’’ instead of Miss, or Mrs.

PS. Unni means older sister? Please, correct me if I’m wrong.


Yes, older sister, not necessarily related.

What I liked about Sweet Home and Space Sweepers (and Bridgerton, of course):
They were released everywhere (?) at the same time


I noticed the same actors are taking many roles not too long apart (they are brave ones!), and just maybe is bc they need the money? We are practically at a stand still when it comes to any kind of film production/money production. The economy is suffering, and we need to start moving that money around, so they’re taking a big risk and I love and admire them for that (some ppl are criticizing them for seeing them so much). My personal opinion? We need to move on already, enough of this ‘‘stacation.’’ We just need to take more precautions, but we can’t continue ‘‘not living but existing’’ Let’s take back our life the way it was and we loved so much. I can see Hwang Jung Eum or SJK many times more in dramas or movies; it doesn’t bother me at all.
PS. After all, they are GREAT actors and my faves.


im completely in love with him!


Me too! I have friends that are huge fans because of DOTS. I have been watching him. Watched Space Sweepers and was wondering what I would think of this. I am a SJK fan now! It took me a minute!


I totally admire the artists that are getting out there and continuing life and keeping us entertained with their art. We DO need to just MOVE forward safely and I wish all of this artists much HEALTH and WARMTH and HAPPINESS as they continue to work their craft.



I love how on the radio they were stating that bad people were robbing people in LIMOS! But we have to remember this had to happen in the story arch and he mentions that he now understands what it is like not to have anything because he felt that in the last few days. He says this is Eps 2. I think he is all about the GOLD but he is going to start caring for the people! We shall see.