Anybody Else Watching the New "Vincenzo" with Song Joong Ki


Oh when he was hanging the other mobster out the window and he made him swear and a seal with the thumb. That was hilarious promise with a pinkie:heart_eyes::sunglasses::sunglasses:


The suit brand it’s a [BORALRO] but it must be a fake brand name they used to make up a funny part in the drama since according to the Laundromat owner Boralro means; ‘‘Testicles’’

I looked for different Italian brand name for blazers/men’s suits and they don’t have that brand recognized as an Italian brand name. I have a lot of Italian friends who are always suit up, and I can assure you that suit he had on is not Italian made material, nor it looks like an Arman suit either. If anything it looks very cheap like a ‘‘knock off’’

I have been in Limos and they do provide drinks, snacks and music etc…It’s normal to get on a limo and drink and eat what is offered as you ride in the limo so is not surprising that he drank the water there that was obviously sealed (I found out they put glue so it feels it has never been opened) that is why I don’t buy water from ppl on the streets or the beach during the summer. He was too trusting something so unlikely from a ‘‘gangster guy’’ who are not supposed to even trust their own family members when it comes to the ‘‘mafia’’


Well, I’m sure they are not using expensive suits in the production because he keeps getting them DIRTY! hahahahahaha! He LOOKS GOOD though!


You hit right on target girl!

PS. Confession: I don’t think I would ever date an Asian guy (had my chances) but I give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar and he’s one hell of a sexy guy that has nothing to do with his good looks. Is that look and that posture that screams sexiness. Good for him.


His eyes are like brown pools of gorgeousness!


I am watching it and it’s amazing and awesome drama showing w/two episodes so far- I was hoping with the posting here there will a request to bring it to Rakuten Viki- one reasons to be on this website because have discussions with others :rose::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::+1::unamused::wink: be great right (?) - better yet I going to put in for the request soon as I get the info- thanks to all for reading my reply & -Kdrama2020ali you know your outstanding drama shows (:blush::wink:) Happy watching to all


Thank you for responding I actually have a fan collection on the VIKI homepage And 11 other collections if you want to follow some of the other ones that I have. I am kinda ALL about the DRAMA!

I hope VIKI will get Vincenzo so I can add it to my collections! I love it!


quiz!! what other guy did that with a lighter??

I do enjoy watching him


well I wasn’t able to watch DOTS, check earlier messages, I did go to 3 episodes


Minho in Legend of the Deep Blue Sea! Do I win!??


Yes, the cinematography and art of the drama is so beautiful…from the opening scenes everything was shot so beautifully :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: somehow the characters and storyline itself didn’t appeal very much to me…I think I just loved Yoo Si Jin’s character from DOTS and that was it with Song Joong Ki idk

nope same voice but since he’s aa different character he sounds different. Yoo Si Jin in DOTS was a sort of reckless, fun-loving hopeless flirt while this guy seems more sophisticated so his tones and his style of speech are different.


yep yuou do, and also vampire prosecuter… so come and get the “hidden” cookies in my sewing room, hehehehe


I agree about his voice. I started watching it again last night cuz I can’t get enough of Vincenzo! And Song Joong Ki. The cinematography is so good! And his voice is part of the character!


thanks I was wondering, anyway his voice does sound good there!


I LOVE Vincenzo!


That is a hilarious scene. At least his shower works… kinda. :smile: I


Why did he lather up before he knew if the water worked!!! hahahahahaha!


good question about the shower works or not!


The Italians on Facebook were making fun of him, they said that whenever he spoke Italian he was robotic and almost forgot about acting because of the effort, but they found him so cute that they would excuse anything.
And, on a side note, they were all EXTREMELY pissed at the stereotypical Italians shown.


I really like the Kdrama so far. Glad I decided to start with that one because currently there are 7 Kdrama I want to watch that have just started or are about to start very soon. And because nobody has time to follow 7 kdrama and not end up being all confused what happened where I decided to put some on hold but Vincenzo seemed to good to be put on hold :slight_smile: