AnyBody Want to Watch "At A Distance Spring is GREEN" with ME?




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I completed watching episode 1 and I found it refreshing and bubbly.
People in TCs keep questioning whether this is BL or not, but honestly, just because a boy keeps hanging with another boy won’t mean it is BL. This is a Bromance drama.

I really gasped at the scene where ML and FL did bungee jumping., the scene was awesome, the cinematography too and it was romantic as well. But, IMHO, if someone were to do that with me, I would have killed that person once I got to touch ground again :rofl::rofl:


I agree I don’t think this is BL.
LIke Goblin - You can have a great bromance! I don’t usually watch school dramas but this looks really good and I love that actor from Kiss Goblin!!! Bae In-hyuk


The rich boy’s family situation breaks my heart. I think he needs both the ML and the FL, and that he needs the FL more than the other guy. Who she needs remains to be seen.

The acting is quite well so far.


Who knows what it is, right know it looks like a triangle LOL. But I can’t do with the “yellow” hair color on the ML, you can see the black roots underneath, the color doesn’t suit him or the color has a terrible hue. Ive see Jaejoong with “blond/yellow” also bad and I think Leuteuk wore it at best :wink:

He had also orange lipstick… come on, what are they thinking… I’m sure young generation likes it, so far I like the character of the boy who works part time the best and his “hyung” that works now there is the actor from the troubled River where the Moon Rises" I forgot his name… he looks quite polished :wink: .


Na In Woo.
Auf dem zweiten Bild von oben sieht das Blond doch ganz gut aus…
Ich denke, es soll eine Art von Rebellion sein.


Es ist sein blondes Haar im Drama… das Blond is etwas schwer von schwarz zu erreichen, ich finde es einfach nicht so natürlich, sieht eher wie gefärbt (wie mit Farbe) aus, deshalb. :sweat_smile: Vielleicht wird er es noch später ändern.

Und ja, es ist Na In Woo :+1:


Is this because this was originally a “manga” that they made his hair blonde. Yes, it doesn’t suit him very well

I like him with dark hair - but a lot of IDOLS dye it all kinds of colors! I do like the orangey blonde on some guys and not on others - I love the dark dark hair


Is Na In Woo in this??? Ok - Its a Cameo right?


He is the older brother of the blond ML.


I have not stopped today to start it or I would have known that right!


I wonder why they didn’t use the original and made a cover as OST song instead.


Oh my gosh - he’s ADORBS he sang that 7 years ago he is now 27! I’ll have to look him up. I love his voice


Oh my goodness guys is this SAD like it seems SAD and I’m only 3 mins in

Rich Boy - Popular - but no friends and his brother is a JERK
Poor Boy - Can’t afford a life
Girl - studies to anxiety and stress
I’m already SAD for them.

Ok further in now - I really like this guy - He seems to have such a sweet heart but he hides behind his smile I can’t wait to see him have a REAL friend - it is amazing how people who are popular are usually the loneliest people - He’s Charming that’s what it is --Charming.

I change my mind on the blonde - with the curls it is actually super cute! He is super cute


Oh my gosh - his home life - this has grabbed at my heartstrings from the beginning seeing how needy the rich boy is


After you watch Eps 1

Would you bungee jump with your favorite KHottie! Especially if he jumped and held on to you.?? Especially if you are REALLY scared!

  • Yes
  • No

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CHARMING - Did I say he was CHARMING!


Well, I see we have one more on your list. You are on a roll…hum! Give me my Doom Boy!



Charming is WAY too YOUNG!