AnyBody Want to Watch "At A Distance Spring is GREEN" with ME?


Maybe he likes OLD cougars.


Whose OLD!!! hahahahahahahahaha!


I am…I said maybe he likes old cougar. (joking)



I’m on episode 3 re-watching W, LOVE episode 3 the kiss…so cute

Episode 11 now…such an awesome drama to re-watch!


COME HERE GUYS and tell us about your thoughts !!


No girl… you missed there what an old cougar really is…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I really love the relationship development in this SHOW and the symbolism and cinematography that they use along with the OST. Liking it still so FAR! I feel so much for the characters :purple_heart:

Oh my GOSH Charming’s family makes me so MAD!!! Who treats their son that way.

Charming is still very handsome!

Oh my gosh this family …UGH
What Mother Says that Stuff to a CHILD

Bawling! I AM

Eps 3 and My Heart STILL hurts for Joon

I want her to like Joon even though I like the loner - Joon needs someone on his side.
and she likes her HS friend ugh triangle much

Aw, I feel for both these guys!!! :sob::sob:

“I don’t want to stand in line because there are so many that like you.” she says to Joon
But really he is so lonely!


I just finished watching all four episodes and I am pleasantly surprised with the drama.


I’m really liking it! Joon is my favorite I just love him! Mr. Charming


Oh my goodness - A child AFRAID to call his father - having to write out a script - oh I’m crying again - My heart hurts!
Eps 4

The bestie of the loner - I LIKE HER!


@angelight313_168 So I have not made it to DOOM yet I have been over here crying at “At A Distance Spring is GREEN” I am so surprised at how much I love this show and how much I love the Joon character - all the characters their intertwined development is just so REAL. Love it! I want to hear what you think when you watch it! You might not like it - I’m really curious

(I usually stay away from school shows so this is surprising)


I went to check out AADSIG and it’s not for me. Too young, and the story don’t call my attention. I can’t believe you are not watching DOOM. You are missing the best episodes ever. Can’t wait for you to see 13 and 14… Why don’t you just jump to 13/14? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Now Now! I jump ship when things get sad sometimes! Today is DOOM day! I will post when I get done with eps. I’ll catch up to you guys for the FINALE!

I figured this might not be for you - I usually don’t watch either but I just love the ML


Even if this is a college or university drama (and I’m too old for that), it stirs all the mother feelings in me about both MLs. It continues to be heartbreaking. And the FL is much closer to me than many other FLs.


They just need someone to make them chocolate cake and look out for them. The Rich ML needs someone to accept him for who he is! and love him he just wants love. And the poor ML - is harming himself by working too hard and trying to be so aloof - I think the ACTING Is awesome! I never watch university dramas - only Love Alarm - was the only one I watched.



I will be catching up on this tomorrow! I think I have two Eps to catch up on! I hear #6 is GOOD


with the cover it looks like its a love triangle yet again but it isn’t so its greattttt



I’m still here - not caught up yet!


@shraddhasingh @spaufler_89 @simi11 @dudie @choitrio @angelight313_168

If you guys are still watching - I am on Eps 4 I think and I’m going to start catching up as I know it is done now! 12 Eps.

What are you thoughts??? I’m like TEAM Joon right now!

@my_happy_place Have you watched Spring Is Green yet?