AnyBody Want to Watch "At A Distance Spring is GREEN" with ME?


It’s in my ‘to watch when I get a Viki pass’ collection.


LOL, I put it on the backburner :rofl:, but I will likely continue just for the curiosity as I hear talking about often. - Will comment within weeks.


Ok so I’m back! When folks want to discuss!


I am not a big fan of school dramas but I was pleasantly surprised with the show. Although I enjoyed the show the way it was, I think it might have been better left as BL, as was originally intended.


I went to check it out but is not for me. :disappointed: hopefully we’ll find another one like DOOM…:sob::sob::sob:



I agree with you 100% when a drama is like that, it only confuses some viewers, and disappoints others, and imo it defeats the purpose of young kids being able to deal and understand certain issues in life, through these types of dramas. There are so many mixed messages that are going in circle, and in the end are getting anywhere. I felt like there were many doors, and when you finally opened them, all you see in all of them, it’s a dead end.


There seems to be no DOOM available! We are left in the COLD!


I’ve been looking HARD and absolutely NOTHING even close to Doom can be found in any of the new dramas, and I even checking out Chinese dramas, but wow I guess DOOM was one of a kind hahahaha.


I don’t do school dramas either - And I have heard about the BL component. I guess I need to watch and see what’s up! Just finished Roommate is a Gumiho! I have Nevertheless and Home Magazine in the wings along with several others. I am glad I completed 2 this week.

Love is Phantom :ballot_box_with_check:
Roommate is a Gumiho :ballot_box_with_check:


If you guys have ntfx and want to see something different; watch RADIUS


The thing with the BL is complicated since they just give mix messages in there confusing the viewers, and disappointing many others, and dramas like that I don’t give it the time of the day. They need to stop doing that bc what they’re really doing replacing the second lead syndrome with BL or not BL (ending like second lead w/o their love in the end)…


Sweet Munchies I hear is kinda like that! But I still want to watch it - I like the ML


THE ML who was in High End Crush - Really Bakes and Cooks I love that.


I like JOON - I swear when he smiles - Swoon - Cutie Pie! So I am interested to see the romance. I don’t know the BL side from the webtoon so I am hoping that he gets love from the girl and beautiful friendship from the boy because he needs love - but I’m only on Eps 5 - Joon’s family is so awful! And I want the poor boy who has such a hard time - to find a wonderful friendship

I’m just going to judge on the show itself - not the webtoon comparison - it is getting good reviews that I see



A lot of comments I read recently they wrote; that is nothing like the web toon. What I don’t get was; why the differences/changes in the drama? I haven’t heard/read so far nothing on that subject

If u find anything provide a link; please? thnx.


They do it a lot because the webtoon sometimes doesn’t fit their drama “plans” or audience I guess. I know that several that are based on webtoons veer in a different direction. I think Nevertheless is doing the same thing. It does make people mad but I don’t read webtoons so I can just base it on the drama itself. But if I find something I will post


The Mental and Physical Abuse in this show MAKES me so ANGRY


Yeah I read about it and they saying it was too extreme but I don’t even want to know. My heart can’t take it.


It touches my heart deeply because I worked for 7 social workers for about 3 years. Children should always be protected, and loved and cared for always!!! When I worked in the school systems I tried very hard to take all the misunderstood and thrown away - they were allowed to eat lunch with me or just come sit with me! I hope that I touched their lives in a positive way somehow even if it was only for a moment.

(The bullying is no joke either in this show)

I guess I am grateful that they are shedding light on something that people tend to keep hidden away that harms so many - it is good for the show to talk about it.

I see this show as healing wounds - it has already started.


Recommended from my side:

You would like to see the characters facing the difficulties of life and their abusive relationships and a b***ch fate… :rage:
1. The ML is from the drama named as Love Revolution. He is a chic their too.
2. The FL is from the drama ‘True Beauty’ she was the classmate of the FL(IM JU GYONG)
3. The supposedly third protagonist is from the drama ‘My Roommate is a Gumiho’ which is a recently released (completed) drama.




I LOVE JOON so much! I love this Actor! This show is so GOOD! Oh my Gosh - his pain kills me!

Ottoke?! Ottoke?! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

I just wanted to hug Joon last night in the Eps I was watching! Just such a tormented soul that is hurt so much by others - so he realizes that he hurts others too! These are the things he has learned from his family

I’m on Eps 8 - Finishing Spring is GREEN today! I still love JOON

I seriously seriously highly recommend this show and I don’t like university shows!!!

I totally fell in love with Joon and this show!