AnyBody Want to Watch "At A Distance Spring is GREEN" with ME?



I loved the end - and the friendships! Especially the Bromance! I am all about the Bromance!


So I finished watching At a Distance, Spring is Green and I liked it, although I wouldn’t add this show to my top favorites.

At first I had to get use to the slow pace of this series, but after I learned more about the characters I started to get curious of how things would develop. Also, at first I found the show somewhat depressing, nobody seemed happy or content about their lives (and they all had their reasons for it).
The scenes of Joon with his family were indeed so shocking and it’s so sad to think this could actually happen in some family home somewhere.
And Hyun working so hard that he didn’t have time or money to date someone.
Both of them without friends (at first).
And the colleague of the FL who said her work was his.

I don’t mind the show had just a bromance and not a BL (as I haven’t read the webcomic). I liked how the three of them were friends in the end, even though two of the group members are more than friends. No jealousy, they seem to be wishing each other well.

I’ve got a couple of questions which I don’t think have been answered in the show?
The FL mentioned something about problems with her mother, but I don’t think she told us what this was about?
Nam Soo Hyun mentioned he liked someone, but did we ever get to hear who the one he likes is? (or perhaps this is a reference to the webcomic?)

As I was watching At a Distance, Spring is Green I was also watching Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (haven’t finished watching this show yet) and I realized the female actrice Cha Chung Hwa was in both of them. She did a great job in Mr. Queen and it was funny to see her in both of these series as well. :slight_smile:

I really like the sound of the bom bom song. :slight_smile:


That song is mesmerizing!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED the healing of this show - Like broken people help other broken people.

I watched it a while ago so not sure about answering questions! Oh Nam Soo Hyun liked his friend - the girlfriend that was rough and tough - he did like her - I think he just didn’t want to ruin their friendship so he was not going to take it in that direction - even though she basically confessed to him. I think he liked her for a long time - I concluded that maybe they WILL get together at some point.

Maybe I’ll have to watch it again! Skipping the horrible family parts for Joon - those crushed my soul!