ANYONE else BAIL on Dramas when YOU know the SAD part is coming? Or is it just ME


:smile::face_with_hand_over_mouth: the proverbial ostrich hiding it’s head underground. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve done this when there’s too many suspense, back to back, only to cool down. :smile: And stop myself from hyperventilating :smile:


Be brave! :joy: Go back, and show them who is watching who :joy::rofl:


That is it! That is what happens when I see the 1st Kiss and it’s so beautiful I’m like That’s IT I’m done. I know the SADNESS is coming.


In Goblin, I was on the floor hyperventilating in a couple of the episodes. Sobbing! I had to pause it!


O! My! Books too! Well, they often make films from written work, so it makes sense.


( T_T)\(^-^ ) both you, and @sweetybirdtoo I want to say muscle up! ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ But, yes, when it affects so emotionally, it’s best to take a break, or just leave it alone.


I do not bail, I watch with anxiety. Once I know there’s a happy ending I don’t mind the angst so much. If the ending is sad like “Uncontrollably Fond” (learnt the hard way) I just don’t watch it any at all. :blush:


I just don’t want them to end and the characters to be over. I don’t think I watch the films either but maybe I did watch the last Twilight and Harry Potter - Books are better though


Scarlet Heart Ryeo I know is going to be SOUL crushing but I have to watch it!
Empress Ki I am trying to get the courage to start it again! I can cry for 40 min after sometimes.
But I can find a fluffy one to watch in between


I tend to comment a lot, and I mean a lot! :smile: That’s how I get through scenes too hot to handle :smile: or too irksome, and frustrating. Sorry to those I’ve irked with my commenting. ¯_ಠ_ಠ_/¯ I had to vent.




That’s icon is HOUSE! I love it!


Yes Scarlet Heart Ryeo was another heart breaker. I cant rewatch it:persevere: Loved it but cant bear the end, so I am hoping a season 2 will right the injustice! :smiley:
Empress Ki I havent watched and dont think I will.:wink:


Agreed! Books require more imagination.


Yes. I love House!!. Thats back in the days when I used to be hooked on American shows. NOT ANYMORE!! Its Asian dramas for me now.:rofl:


I think you should the acting skills of Ji Chang Wook (Wookie) are BEYOND the character is just so GOOD! Just be prepared!

I never watch American shows anymore since July 2020


I loved both ML but thought of a sad ending coming just overshadows (for me) the rest of the show so…IDK


I stopped in 2016.
Then it Viki and Dramafever for me. but now I see Netflix are carrying some Kdramas too so…


I feel ya! It is so heart wrenching. I watched “A Man and A Woman” the movie with Gong Yoo. I cried for like an hour after, partly because I work with children with autism! It just got me good. But I try to remember these artists do this work for us to love! I will watch Scarlet Heart Reyo even knowing that my soul will die slowly


For a Laugh so we don’t CRY
OK THAT"S a JOKE I am a OCD cleaner but I have to CLEAN the fridge today! It is DRAMA neglected!

AM I STILL AVOIDING Mr. Queen! bahahahahahahahahah!