ANYONE else BAIL on Dramas when YOU know the SAD part is coming? Or is it just ME


Everyone is so Quiet this Weekend!

I’m still avoiding by finishing Touch Your Heart but that is fixing to hit the rails too! Ugh


I bailed out so far [Marriage, Divorce] (not good with titles) [Where the river…].(they changed ML) new guy doesn’t cut it for that role. I bailed out [MOUSE] and today made up my mind [Vincenzo] is out for me too. I dropped by episode 5 L.U.C. A. what a disastrous drama.

imo, great series so far [SISYPHUS] story plot flaws so well although it goes to future world and old world.

The Yin Yang Master; 1 and 2 (movie) really enjoyable to watch.

Finally is here my favorite theme!!!


I bailed on so many dramas as soon as I see things start going bad. From there I look for spoilers or recaps of episodes to see if I can handle finishing them


That’s exactly my plan. With MOUSE wonderful @choitrio, who is working on that drama; will let me know if it’s worth watching again. The others, when they end I’ll read the comments first, and if I see positive feedback from the viewers I’ll make a decision whether I’ll finish watching it or not.

To be honest this is my first time bailing out on so many dramas bc I usually stick to them until the end, but since is a theme I don’t enjoy to watch due to the ‘‘goriness’’ of the scenes, I’m not hesitating to stop watching them.


I love this because some of my dramas do this to me!

It is a REAL problem!
(reference from PSJ Kill Me Heal Me)



Are you watching Mouse? I’m guessing you are not.Hope you see episode 1 at least.

Empress Ki and Mr. Queen; why you stopped watching them?

Empress Ki; is really a great drama to watch (except a bit too long) but all episodes have a cliffhanger, so is not a drag to watch.

Legend of the Blue Sea: is an amazing, very enjoyable funny at times drama; What made you stop watching?

Descendants of the Sun and Lost Romance I didn’t watched those two but I read great stuff about those 2 (I won’t watch anyway)

I’m curious as to what created your anxiety when watching this dramas. I haven’t watched any of those on your list.


At first glance I thought there was a t before “issues”! :joy:

Well, so far the drama for which I needed the most tissues, was Fleet Of Time (TH), more specifically the last 10 episodes (out of 80). I did keep watching, though, and still think it’s a great series.
In some cases the translation is more nerve-wrecking, since I have to actively research all kinds of horrible topics and very consciously think about them, and then I might take a break at some point. But with watching I usually just sit it through.


I have not started Mouse - I am watching Mr. Queen and Touch Your Heart at the moment!
Next drama will be Good Manager - same writer as Vincenzo and Junho is in it!

I unfortunately know the end and I love Ji Chang Wook and I cried for 40 min or so after accidentally watching the clip - I will finish it because I think he is brilliant!

I don’t wanna stop watching Minho - LOVE him - I get attached

DOTS I don’t like the FL but I love Song Joong Ki - Lost Romance (I don’t want it to end I love Marcus Chang)

I have figured out my issue. When the couple finally gets together, I know the break up or SAD part is coming so I bail - I’m going to stop this!!!


The thing is I do need tissues! I am a HUGE cry baby!
I actually have a collection with sad dramas bahahahahaha Well I have 14 collections!


I see Fleet Of Time is in the list as well so I guess I’m not the only one who burst into tears there. :wink:


I started this collection for a friend who BAILS after the 2nd Eps if it doesn’t grab her. She just loved Gentleman’s Dignity (winner winner chicken dinner) and she is loving Scent of a Woman (#2 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!)


More often than not my anxiety is because of one of the characters just being awful to someone. It’s usually the female love rival or mother-in-law who are trying to destroy the FL. In D-Day though it’s the evil hospital director being a selfish idiot.

I simply don’t do well with melodrama anymore. :slight_smile:



OMgoodness me too. I think that seeing ppl. getting away with so much evilness, hurting a good woman/man it just drives me up the wall. I saw the D-day K drama and I’m planning to rewatch since I was happy with the ending (it could have been better).

I had this habit of finishing the dramas, and always the end would be so not worth watching, so now I’m very cautious with dramas bc I don’t need the aggravation in my life. I watch k dramas to enjoy and be satisfied, not frustrated and unhappy. lol


So many good ones to enjoy too! That actually are just nice and good



I’m watching Joseon Exorcist is really good, kind of zombie type but totally different bc is demon possessed ppl.


watching this after Goblin is every fangirl’s dream :heart_eyes: we finally got Grim Reaper and Sunny’s happy ending!!!


It’s so BEAUTIFUL I love his lawyer character and she is so SWEET



They are so sweet I can’t even! Finishing YES Finishing Touch Your Heart Today.


I almost did that with My Golden Life when the main female character goes through a crisis. I thought the show was great but I was in pain watching the character go through all that pain but I kept going and enjoyed the show so much.


Those two had me melting inside when they just glanced at each other, the slow burn was REAL!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: