Anyone Interested in Transcribing Older K-Dramas?

I am working on a couple of older k-dramas that came to Viki already hardsubbed but we have to transcribe them, in order to get them translated into other languages.

If you are interested, please send me a PM. Here’s my profile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


What kind of old drama?

We are working on “One Fine Day” and “Air City.” They both aired a few years ago.

I can help to translate english to french. My korean is to bad :disappointed_relieved:
I’m interested by all but I haven’t a big experience in translating.
Is it Ok?

I can try to segment if you want but I’m always a beginner. I’ve done one video and I look at the segmenter 101 project and the ninja academy. I’m waiting for their reponse.

the English translation exist on the video. you only have to copy it into the empty segments. that what transcribing means. So you don’t have to know korean


simi has asked that I check with you folks about possibly transcribing. I have contacted the viki mother ship about English editing, as an American with good language and history skills, on the costume/historical dramas in particular and they are very slow to response, I believe I’ve effectively been “back-burnered”. I type like a “banshee” according to many of my friends near and far, and I believe I might be able to help, if I can get an understanding of how you do this transcribing and get credit for it. Otherwise, i might throw up my hands (rather than use them to help on the viki mothership making it happen…?) and pay the greenmail to get my dramas sans repetitive and somewhat aggravating commercials.

Please let me know if you would like me to give transcribing a try. I used to type pleadings for lawyers, briefs and other documents, from their speaking the words at a clip of about 80 to 120 words a minute in legalese. Hopefully this won’t be quite as challenging and far more entertaining. :slight_smile:
Warmest Regards from Denver, Colorado USA
Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut

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I replied to your PM. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Let’s revive this thread. There are many English speakers who don’t know other languages but would be willing to help in transcribing hard-subbed dramas and movies.


I think this recent thread has some older K-Dramas from which to choose.

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Do any of those have hard-subs that need transcribing?


I did not check, but I remember some older dramas was posted.

For wanting to help with transcription, do I just contact the channel manager or how should I go about showing interest in volunteering?
Thank you :blush:


I think contacting the CM is always a good idea. Or maybe, if it’s transcribing, the Chief Editor could also be someone you should contact. Or message both at the same time just to be sure.


Thank you so much, I’ll see if I can find any projects to practice with/start on.


Does this offer still stand or has it expired? @mirna023_316 This was written in 2016!

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Thanks for posting this explanation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What an interesting topic. I did not know about hard-coded subs.

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@mirna hasn’t been around for a long time now (as far as I know). I use to work with her in many of the dramas she was a moderator. Very classy beautiful and sweet lady that helped me to learn how to fix segments (years back). I don’t know if she changed her name, but her page has no activity for a long while now. I miss her too.


Mp envoyé, je suis disponible. :clin d’œil: