Application for Channel Manager position

Hello everyone!:blush:

I’ve applied to be a Channel Manager a couple of days ago. Does anyone know how long it takes for Viki to reply when they accept you for the position?
I think that there is no reply if you’re rejected.
I hope someone knows and can answer me. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I heard that some got the news only a day before their show started, but hopefully that was exceptional.
Anyways, good luck! I hope you get it. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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According to what I have heard, some people apply to be CM just so that they can be the first to apply for mod position because viki tells them before others that another CM got the position. Therefore, I think even if rejected they will let you know.

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I remember an announcement from Viki specifically stating that they don’t let you know if you don’t get the position.

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When was that? Is that a new thing? I’ve always received rejection messages.

I found it back:

It was posted on March 27 and maybe it was just a temporary thing, but it stated:


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It’s not clear, from the wording, whether rejection messages will be restored.
Well, I suppose I’ll find out the next time I ask for a project. I’ll let you know!


I was one of those CM’s who only knew she got a channel a few days before airing. They didn’t send a message to tell you you applied and when it comes to rejections… no PM’s either now. What I do now is following all channels I might be interested in and check if it’s assigned for time to time.

Sometimes the position I want is already full by the time I notice the channel is assigned but hey it’s nice to just watch a drama without being spoiled.


right. this mail doesn´t come out anymore.

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We really need to make a new topic about this so VIKI can see it.

@jeslynl @mariliam @vikicommunity

They are already aware of this issue

I am not a CM yet but I did applied for it like 2 months ago on a movie to have an easy start. The CM for the movie is selected and the movie got released too but I didn’t received any mail for rejection except the one I got right after applying.


I haven’t received anything after I applied.

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like we wrote before. such a mail isn´t coming anymore.
viki also wrote it

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