Arabic subs help

can anyone here tell me about some projects drama or movie that need arabic sub ican help

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If you’re looking to subtitle make sure you also post here:

The Korean drama Gentleman’s dignity or كرامة سيّد needs Arabic subbers so you’re more than welcome to join and sub

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thank you very much for you your help i ll look into it :smile:

looking forward to your help and as a moderator I welcome you to the team, hope you enjoy.

unfortuntly i cant access to this drama you recomended it not avaible in my region :frowning:

Oh :confused: i forgot u must live in the middle east right? You have to become a QC to access it.

ohhh anyway thank you for your help :slight_smile:

What about you try subbing from arabic to english.
I have a lebanese movie and a lebanese series that I am managing, the movie is fully segmented. Wanna give it a try?

try( black jack) ,it is an anime, i started to sub there right now even if you don’t like it it will help you choose the ep that’s has no Arabic sub and start there

I would like to help too in arabic subs

which project isit i m in interested in participating if i can

i can speak arabic and im planning to sub for the first time what do i do?

@sara_sarora @mary_benai can u guys plz tell me in which regions u live? So I can give u some suggestions. …

hi everyone my name is majid and i am a new member on viki i really would like to help and a very good subtler and i love to subtile english-arabic or vice versa ; please let me know if you guys need any help :smile:

i would like to help segmenting and subtitle from eng to arabic or vise versa

hi i’m dounia and i’m from morocco i can help if you need . i can speak arabic and french well with a meduim level in english

i would like to help i am in ksa

I may be a few years too late (lol) but I can probably help with that movie in a few weeks if it still hasn’t been done.