Arabic subtitler available

i’m searching for a project to work on as an Eng - Arabic translator and i’ll make sure to be an active one
if anyone would like me to volunteer , i’m always available
feel free to contact me

I think you will easily find projects, there are few Arabic subtitlers here.
Why don’t you consider changing the title of your post to “Arabic subtitler available” or something like that, so that interested people will find you more easily and people who are not interested in Arabic don’t click on it?
You probably know it already, but just in case: you can change the post title by clicking on the edit button, which is in the form of a pencil under your post.

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thanks for your advice !


Hi Rawan!
It’s shame I just wrapped up the last Arabic project I was moderating. If I start working on any new projects soon, I’ll contact you inshaallah. As irmar said, there aren’t very many Arabic subbers.

I do know of some projects that are recruiting, so I’ll send you the information through private message. (Check your inbox on the main Viki site).

See you around,


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oh ! thanks by the way

Messaged you and no problem ^~^ Good luck

Fantastic just got licensed and so did Our Gap Soon for Korean shows in case you were interested in moderating for Arabic.

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i’d love to !!!
contact me whenever you’re free

Thanks. I think I’ll take a break and just do part time subbing until I get back into “school mode” and be able to balance studying and subbing. I’m not sure why, but a lot of the most active and experienced Arabic subbers kind of disappeared, so the last few dramas I worked on consisted of the moderator and editor subbing the whole thing on their own.