Are there any K-Dramas about Ninjas or Warriors w/Romance & Action?


Grad school here we come!


It’s available now.


Aw not avail for me! How come most of his dramas are not available :man_shrugging:


What? You are in the States ,. right? I can see it. Check your location.


Yep it is not avail = drats


try ep 1


Not licensed in my region - weird


It’s very weird I wonder if it’s because I do a lot of segging on so many shows… did they remove my region restrictions?


Thank you so much! I’m watching it right now. It used to be out of region in US, but is working fine now!

I’ve been wanting to watch this for a while, but couldn’t find it anywhere. :laughing::laughing:

PS. The video is buffering a lot…:disappointed_relieved:


Yep @porkypine90_261 not licensed in my region!


Darn! I was going to try and watch party it for you guys but there is no popcorn bucket :sob:


Oh darn!!! DRATS


EP 1 -
EP 2 -
Ep 3 -
EP 4 -
EP 5 -

Can you see these?


Hmmm… The Great Doctor is another one that I’ve only gotten about halfway through. I do love Minho but, for some reason, I got lured away to other dramas. I don’t know if I got a little bored with the pace or what happened.


Not available here either (Upper Midwest, U.S.).


Can’t see them. Not available in my region.


Well RATS! I have Marcela in I think Brazil - hoping she can get a test watch party going to see if we can join it…

well Iljimae failed on that test. :sob: