Are there any K-Dramas about Ninjas or Warriors w/Romance & Action?


I keep telling myself that I’ll get the pass as soon as I run out of quality free content, but I haven’t even really come close yet. So even though I’m missing out on a lot that I really want to see, I will get to them eventually.



People just don’t get 1st world problems like not enough hours in the day!


Have you considered volunteering, and becoming a QC? Along with being a QC comes the Viki passes, there are quite a few fans who can steer you in the right direction, if you make that choice. :wink::ok_hand:t5:


I signed up to segment but I bet I’m on a VERY long waiting list I have heard nothing in a LONG while.
How do you sign up for QC??


You don’t, you get it when you volunteer. A-hem! QC is their badge of honors, among many badges. Intrigued?
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They’re probably already in hiding.

Your Discussions’ reputation, probably proceedes you :sob::rofl::joy:


The first badge is QC Trainee (QT). You have to create 1000 Subtitles or Segments.


Oh I still have no idea where I am to segment have not heard anything


You can see the waitlist here.


100 Days My Prince has some GREAT Fight Scenes! And ninja or warriors that come out of no where!




I love that he basically beat them with a twig. :joy:


Switches - I remember when my 4’11 grandmother came after me with a switch. It would have hurt if she could CATCH me! hahahahahaha!



Why You Should Watch 100 Days My Prince

Sm Entertainment


For sure. Ouch.


She never caught me! hahahahaha! So funny! :smile:


Gosh - I love this!


It seems to me that the original ninjas were not exactly focused on romance most of the time. They were assassins serving the shoguns.

It seems completely out of character for a ninja type to be romantic. Aside from Viki’s own @ninjas_with_onions and @anthonyparker80_342.

The overall samurai code of Bushido (medieval Japanese chivalry) basically miliitated (no pun intended) against that as well.

I mean, obviously Japanese folks back then had children and homes and families, but . . . if you’re asking if there are any J-drama “saeguk” with fish-eye kisses and blushing and umbrellas in the rain, I would be shocked it anyone could come up with one.


I just like the sword fighting and cool outfits!!! hahahahahahaha! and yes Romance


For me, Hwarang is the gold standard in that department.

Did you say you like cool outfits? They have so little time to wear outfits in Hwarang. I suppose you watched it purely for research purposes.

That’s what I like about you . . . you are serious about historical research.



Harvard of Hotties - bahahahahahahahahahaha!