Are there any True Mystery/Not Necessarily Crime Dramas?


I have Flower of Evil on my watch list…please tell me any kdrama, cdrama or tdrama that might have a good mystery. Crime mysteries are fine like Suspicious Partner


I think Life on Mars is a good candidate. It’s a crime drama, but that’s not the reason why I’d call it mysterious. It’s the question of whether the main character actually travelled to the past or not.


As for Taiwanese dramas, maybe Some Day or One Day. The female lead goes back in time and meets someone who looks exactly like her dead boyfriend, but can’t be her boyfriend, since her boyfriend would be a lot younger at that time. What is actually going on is quite a mystery that slowly unravels.


OK I had not seen this one before Some Day or One Day. I actually added it to the supernatural collection I have. Easier to keep up with that way instead of my crazy notebook of dramas! Thanks! for those!


@kdrama2020ali I can’t remember what all I’ve recommended to you, my favorites in the crime category would be…

Love Me If You Dare is probably my favorite, can be graphic at points

Dr. Qin is another one that’s graphic and I found the last 2 episodes meh, but the rest was good.

It’s been a while since I watched Come and Hug Me, I remember liking it but it can be slow, has a lot of flashbacks, but the acting is great. It has my favorite child actor Nam Da Reum in it so I didn’t mind the flashbacks as much as many in the comments at the time.


Those are ALL new Thanks


I’ll add another one: Circle. Two brothers solving a mystery in 2017 & 2037.


It looks like you’ll have enough to do during the coming months :wink:


True! I feel like I can’t watch stuff fast enough! I was just going to start Flower of Evil and I was blogging on Chicago Typewriter now I want to look at it!:heart_eyes: And I really wanna watch Kangchi the Beginning too


Chicago Typewriter might seem a bit slow at first, but gets pretty good later on. Gu Family Book was quite popular at that time and the parts that I’ve seen of Flower of Evil seemed pretty good to, so you’re probably gonna like all of them :slight_smile:


Flower of Evil blends mystery, crime and family in such a beautiful way, it’s definitely not a boring watch


I just finished the movie Cold Eyes, I came back to thank whoever suggested it thinking it was someone here. It doesn’t seem to have been here. hmm. Well whoever suggested it recently, thank you.


Aw, Junho is in that! I need to watch it!:smile:


I absolutely love Kim Jae Wook.




I need to research the list in this collection a little more but let me know what you think?:green_heart:


Yeah!! be it C dramas, T dramas, J dramas, K dramas and anything else I didn’t mention,

that old (Ithink) chinese detective, dsetective Dee <,I think, and there are more out there, would love to see a good mystery, historical, scifi drama.

yeah that awaken was awesome, and still think I seen a drama like that many years ago, they expermented on children not sure about the drama. the medical examiner was a good one, and ca nt think of the name at the moment, but had 2 seasons, justice something?
I am just weary of all the wars, battles, killings and such,
haven’t gotten to cold eyes yet. but gosh there has got to be a bunch of dramas from years ago to now.


Here is my Supernatural Collection maybe you can find a good SciFi mixed with historical like My Love from the Stars!:heart_eyes:


loved my love from the stars, yeah legend of the blue sea,too