Are there any True Mystery/Not Necessarily Crime Dramas?


Ok I spent like 5 hours yesterday on the Who Done It? Mystery/Crime collection. Link posted in comments. I have descriptions in every one of them. Also a heart to show you if it is a romance also.

Looks like ALOT of GOOD dramas! Lots I want to watch RIGHT NOW! Here is one that looks GOOD


Thirty but Seventeen is a mystery drama??


30 but 17 has a small mystery with her family but not enough. I took it out last night and added this one.


I wouldn’t classify Psychopath Diary a real mystery, because we already know who the villain is and what the ML’s problem is. It’s just the MLs trying to catch the villain…they don’t know who it is but we do, so would that be classified as a mystery? More of a suspense, because we don’t know how or when they’ll catch him.


The collection is Crime/Thriller/Mystery/Suspense most kdramas don’t have a real mystery really


But u mentioned abt flower of evil. It had mystery, suspense everything. Also what about healer?
Have you watched that show. If not then watch it.It’s worth watching…


She Knows Everything
Ms. Ma, Nemesis
Someday Or One Day


Was this one mentioned before? Didn’t find the fantasy thread, it’s almost past half 1 am, sleep, I need some sleep, seriously.


Ok, I added that to my Supernatural and to my Crime/Mystery collection! I didn’t have that one!



There it goes at Viki as Romantic Comedy, and then you read the synopsis, well I watched it years ago.


Bad boy from While You Were Sleeping and Bad Boy from Gentleman’s Dignity are in this with powerhouse women


that one was awesome! missing, would love to see another like that


old fashioned Charlies Angels without charlie, well maybe not. that was a good one as well

I hated the ending to this one, but it was really a good one, Kill it, they could have not had to have him killed thats my thought anyway

. sorry yall emotional, memorist was awesome, what about zero to ending, medical examiner, you have a secret(oops chinese) I remember you is awesome that that guy getting into the heads of criminals love me if you dare, edge of the seat one!

while you were sleeping these all were very good


One of my all-time faves is “Subete ga F ni Naru” (“Everything Becomes F,”) a.k.a. “The Perfect Insider,” which Viki doesn’t have (yet! :sunglasses:) but which I’d seen on a different streaming service a few years ago.

It’s about locked-room mysteries, so most of them - not all - involve crime, but all of them will tie your brain in knots. In a good way.

'Really would like to see this one again, and to be able to tell my friends “Hey, there’s this great locked-room mystery series, and this great streaming service called Viki has it - so go join, it’s less than 5 bucks a month!”



sure wish I knew…


Was Memorist mentionned before ? It had suspense, crime, mysteries…


I know this is technically a K-drama thread, but another I really like (actually it’s kind of an instant-classic,) is Galileo. It’s about seemingly “impossible” and weird X-Files-like cases that a police woman brings to a brilliant physics professor. He always refuses to help until she says that “it’s impossible” that such a thing could have happened. So of course he has to solve the puzzle. There’s no trailer for it, but someone has a chunk of the first episode posted, sans subs:

This was on Crunchyroll before they imploded into 100% cartoons, but I really wish I could see it again. Just avoid Season 2 at all costs - there’s a different character in the role of cop who’s more annoying than anything else, there’s zero chemistry with Yukawa-sensei, and the writing isn’t as good.

But Season 1 is instant classic material.


Oh my, I’m rewatching Come and Hug Me, I’d forgotten how much I loved this show, it was also the beginning of my appreciation of Nam Da Reum, I’d seen him in other things, usually the young lead in a flashback, but he was just so good in this one, it made me sit up and take notice of him, and he was only 16 at the time. :open_mouth: