Are there any True Mystery/Not Necessarily Crime Dramas?


Come and Hug Me is on my RADAR


I love this collection - I just need to watch more out of it!!!


Has anyone got a REVIEW on this one??? Well it is HOTTIE Sung Hoon! That’s a plus!

I heard this is REALLY WEIRD


shakalabbit, I really enjoyed Gallilo 1-4 wish I could find it again, yeah I requested it here as well

Kdrama, I havent watched that “I picked up a celebrity on the street”



This show is SOOOO GOOD!


Anybody WATCH this one yet!!! Looks good! Fantasy, Romance and Law?

You know how much I love W


I have written an actual review for that show. Oh boy, the first half, which I guess is supposed to be slap-stick kind of funny, was nearly unbearable for me. The way she treats him is completely unacceptable and not justifiable just for the sake of comedy, in my humble opinion. The mystery that comes in the second half, however, was actually fairly interesting. It was like this was two different shows.



Oh you know I love these birds!!!

Any shows! Thrillers! Crime! That you are enjoying?


Another Le Je Hoon!

Choi Jin Hyuk


Mystery Crime Drama Collection

I seriously need to watch more mystery - crime! I need to get away from Rom Coms for a while


Thanks! @simi11
Are you liking it???


So far yes, but still feel that it’s kinda confusing with the story transitions, but there is definately a suspense!


Who Done It - Mystery and Crime Collection




There is plenty of crime in [THE VEIL] just wait and see…GOOD ONE INDEED/


I’m very glad that @kdrama2020ali already got around to mentioning Awaken… from what I’ve watched, it’s a mix between a crime drama and supernatural/sci-fi thriller that uses one of those genres to slowly shift towards the other. It is driven by the supernatural element, though, so if you’re looking for realistic crime drama this isn’t it. It also has a first episode that, while still good, feels wildly different in tone from the rest of the series as it sets the stage; if you’re not won over immediately by the show, give it a second episode to find its footing. Awaken has a slick production value and while the red herrings and twists may not divert your attention for long, it obscures the main story enough to keep you engaged and hides some crucial details about the special task force’s members until the moment is right.

My personal favorite so far is Wacko at Law, a drama about an incredibly adept and prodigal lawyer that has disappeared for years on end after his legendary breakthrough case and a struggling law firm that tries to seek him out. It’s only one season and tries to keep a light tone… most of the time, but it blends together a series of more personal dramas with a series of convoluted legal battles that escalate in intensity as the show goes on. It starts from the cases, but you’ll slowly be roped into the character drama aspect as you learn more about each member of the law firm and it makes for a great story arc. I don’t care for the episode sneak peeks in this show as they sometimes gave away some fairly dramatic reveals, but otherwise it’s one of the best shows I’ve watched on Viki.


Thanks @notarealfinancialadv

I’ll have to check those out!!! I’m watching Falling for Innocence at the moment! Melodrama but I seriously need to move into the Mystery Crime Genre so many good ones.

Mystery and Crime


How about movies?
I’m quite sure you’ve watched Cold Eyes, since it’s got Junho in it.


The Man From Nowhere

The Suspect