Are there any True Mystery/Not Necessarily Crime Dramas?


I have only seen the Suspect - Yes - Cold Eyes is in my Watchlist! Yes - I need to watch it.


This looks like a great list, thank you! I’ve seen some of these shows around but never got to watching them.

If you’re looking for a classic, there’s a legendary crime drama starring Chow Yun Fat called The Bund. I don’t think they have it here sadly, so the only options are YouTube with Cantonese and no subs, the official TVB mobile app with excessive advertisements, or a rather poor English dub. Hopefully some day it might get the digital release it deserves internationally!

I would also recommend Project Gutenberg, another Chow Yun Fat film that’s best described as a sort of heist film. This one follows an elite international counterfeiting operation across their maiden heist.


If you’re looking for a good mystery I would recommend Healer and Kill It.


Okay, so this one is definitely in the crime category, but it has an interesting overarching mystery involved. This is exactly the kind of show that I would have loved back when I still watched American TV, and the vibe is so familiar that even when my recent houseguest saw it paused on my screen and asked if it was one of my Korean shows, I legitimately almost told him “No”. I had become so nicely lost in it, I had forgotten that it was a show that required me to read subtitles.



Good recommendation! They are ALL 3 in my opinion AWESOME! A Great watch.


Now that I have met the actor in Falling for Innocence - I will have to watch Heartless City!


I have to warn you; I heard is so painfully hard to watch That drama, i didn’t even ventured there. Hope you can handle it.


@lutra already mentioned this one, but I just finished it and felt the need to gush about it. It was SO good, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in this genre. There are some crimes that must be solved along the way, but the mystery is so much more than that.

Missing: The Other Side | Rakuten Viki

I also want to say that Korea does the genres of crime, mystery, thriller (or any combo among them) really, really well. I’ve loved every single one I’ve watched.


I found a couple mysteries with our guy from Clean with Passion for Now - guy from last nights movie!


I know I said in my previous post that I have loved every mystery drama I’ve watched so far, but I forgot about that first one you shared (Mr. Temporary). I started it a long time ago but could not get into it, so it was dropped.


go to iQiyi, I found a bunch of mysteries there, also
found another one, dramacool

I am watching royal secret agent, not the one on here

I have watched healer many times, love it, Kill it was good till the ending, yes I know he had to be killed, but gosh there could have been a better ending there

awaken was good too, need to rewatch

and veil, oh my goodness, edge of your seat one!!

and y’all mentioned some I haven’t watched, so guess some is going on my list

just a fyi, I found out theres going to be a season 2 of missing ,the other side!

sure wish I could find that Galilo one!!


For mystery drama’s I would suggest the series Who Are You. Really loved this one.


well where do you find it, I also am wanting to watch this one, loved it back then…


check your messages


Thank you. Was already disappointed that I couldn’t find it on VIKI :sweat_smile:


Innocent defendant is the best! It has great mystery and plot, and amazing acting!! Also the squad and the bromance is lit!



Also The Devil Judge is really good! More political though.


Not me fangirling for Ji Sung…



hows that?

the one I mentioned earlier, that was an awesome drama! nope not here on Viki anymore check oh and those other ones I mentioned

that should do you for awhile



before y’all laugh, these, plus the others ,I put on here, I have watched these past few months. this is one if you like sci fi’s

so tempted to watch again!!

this next one is a movie BUT you just gotta watch it!!


Thanks I will add those to my list if they aren’t already!