Artificial Intelligence adds a whole new realism to dubbing

I’ve just come across this. It’s incredible what modern technology is delving into and making possible. Dubbing now has the potential to be extraordinary! I wonder how much longer subtitling will last?


A.I. matching mouth movements looks ok.

Just listen to the non English tracks, it sounds unnatural because Thio decided to make all the audio segments the same length across languages.

Mr. Beast videos are being released as dubbed, it’s not A.I. doing the dubbing.



Subtitling is on the road to extinction (at least they are trying really hard to do dubbed only) and I can tell you this much; I hate dubbing so much!

Netflix and Prime now has a lot of Japanese, Korean and Chinese movies/dramas dubbed in English, but I hate it! The voice don’t match the person, and worse yet, some sound like wimps (when they are not) some sound too girly (when is a guy) and too manly when is a woman. The voice of the person doing the dubbing should match more or less the voice of the person they are going to be dubbing. I love to hear the Japanese or Korean voice of the actors and rather read the subtitles than deal with a dubbing done in movies/dramas. If you have netflix/prime, please check it out. Sadly, now some movies/dramas only have dubbed mode, and you have to take it or leave it. I always leave it; so they get the message that dubbed movies/dramas will never be part of my life.

I was watching Bruce Willis, and they had dubbed the movie in Spanish, and you know he’s an older guy, but the voice they used to dub his voice was of what sounded a street/ghetto young person, but his role in the movie he was serious (stuck in space with a killer space monster). Thank goodness you just go back and change it from Dub to subtitles option, and that’s a big relief for my mind. But in some movies dramas when it comes to dubbing done in English from any Asian country you can’t get subtitles, and that sucks bc I refuse to watch dubbed movies/dramas with Asian actors bc the difference in tone of voice affects the character so much I rather not watch at all.


Until everyone understands every language out there, I guess. Dubs and subs have both been around for a long time, though some countries tend to prefer one over the other. Are you going to watch an Australian movie on a German tv channel? Be prepared for your favorite actors to speak German. :open_mouth: If you watch it on a Dutch channel, though, you will get the original audio with Dutch subtitles. We only have dubs for some children’s shows.
Luckily, nowadays, sites like Netflix let us choose whether we want the original audio or dubs and in which language we want our subtitles, although on Viki, the dubbed versions (check the Coming Soon) are presented as separate shows.
Dubs can be beneficial for some so I’m not saying they shouldn’t exist but they should never ever be the only option. Whether done by humans or machines, they always make the show seem unnatural. Apart from that, they deprive us from hearing the original language.

Take a look at your NF profile settings. You can set preferences for your languages for both audio and subtitles. Also, you can nowadays “browse by language.” If you put “original language: Japanese” and then start watching one of the results, you get the Japanese-spoken version without subtitles. All you have to do then is turn on the English or Spanish subtitles.
I watch everything in the original language, but the language of my subtitles depends. NF remembers it, though.


I don’t think it will vanish any day sooner!
Like books! there is ebooks and e readers that you can read the books in the go and is easy to carry around. But the printed ones still around and ppl buying them!
Same goes with Diaries and planners!

A lot of ppl like to watch the shows in original audio with subs!
Dubbing takes a way part of the show charm!

I only watch dubbed with my kid and old mother in low because one can’t keep up with subs, and the other the subs too small to read!

Other than that I don’t know someone who prefer dubbed over subtitle if they can read!


My best friend is simply too lazy to be reading subtitles so last time she watched a Korean drama, she put the audio in English :rofl:


Take a look at your NF profile settings. You can set preferences for your languages for both audio and subtitles.

I know that part, but now some movies or dramas that I have seen are dubbed in English only, and offers no subtitles in any language. I thought I was doing something wrong and asked my youngest daughter for help, and she discovered and was equally shocked to see that the movie had no subtitles in English or any other language. The movie/drama was dubbed in English and that’s the only option we had. I personally think they want to stop paying translators/subbers, and they rather use an AI dubbed drama/movie in every language possible, and they will definitely save lots of money. They also won’t have to deal with some subbers that claim they are proficient in a language, and their translations sucks big time. It use to happen a lot years back and improved with time but I guess they feel this is a better solution.

I also Have HBO and tuby/Freeve/Disney plus; I am going to see what movies has only dubbed option with not even English subtitles offered, but it will take me a while bc I am doing my Spring cleaning/changing curtains, retouching my paint that looks faded or dirty. Throwing out stuff and buying new ones to build up my good energy in the house. I just finished ironing my curtains and was taking a break bc my back is killing me. I hate to iron/steam stuff bc I don’t know why it affects my back so much. lol

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That is really strange and annoying. Netflix originally also gave me foreign shows with English dubs, but I’ve always had the option to switch to original audio. Can you name some Japanese shows that don’t give you subtitles?

I hope you’ll feel better soon. :bouquet:

I found this:

I just checked a recently added Japanese movie and my options are:


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That is really strange and annoying. Netflix originally also gave me foreign shows with English dubs, but I’ve always had the option to switch to original audio.

My daughter told me I have to wait because it could be they are making new changes, and analyzing how the consumer likes the new features, and which one stays because the customers like it.

This one is on NETFLIX. I saw it a while ago with English dubbing, but things changed now since I see no English dubbing option only Brazilian Portuguese.

The Makanai cooking for the Maiko House— Japanese

(Hopefully you check it TODAY before they add new changes)

now it has…

So far now it has SUBTITLES IN


This is all I see so far, but I’m guessing they add stuff as they come.

YOUTUBE is where I mainly don’t get too many options on AUDIO or SUBTITLES (especially when I go to a site that offers Spanish subtitles in K dramas/ Chinese).



I don’t know if this could be happening due to region issues because according to @mirjam_465 she lives in Netherlands all the way in Northwestern Europe, and she seems to have everything available in her region (which ppl. in all Europe always complain they don’t get offered much by NX).

I’m in USA so I don’t think that could be the issue in my case. I could be doing something wrong since I watch so many stuff in one day, and I even confuse the sites like one day I told someone a drama was on Netflix and it was really on PRIME. I have additional application that at times can be so overwhelming to have so many to watch so many good stuff.

Sometimes the saying ‘‘Less is more’’ hits it right on the nail because if I don’t add the dramas or movies on my list, I have to let them go since I don’t know if I was watching it on HBO max, Disney plus, Freebee, Tuby, of course NTFX and PRIME. WE have others maybe too many…

I have a Notebook I keep all my notes on dramas/movies/etc, but is full from front to back, and finding info I want, has become a terrible task. My kids are fed up of running to do things for me; so now they punished me so I can learn on my own (yeah right) I’ll just watch the next one…and the next one…lmao

Thank you!

License issues might be part of the reason, but I think the main reason is that instead of showing you everything that is available, Netflix shows you options based on what THEY think YOU are interested in.





Thanks for the link. I’ll look into it.

PS. This is great to know thanks again!

  1. Select preferred languages from Audio & Subtitles Languages. The new languages will automatically save.

Good news Problem Finally solved!

Ok so after a while we solved the ‘‘dubbing issues’’ I was having (at other sites).

The sites I watch dramas/movies/Docu are paid by others; Oldest daughter, youngest daughter, my ex husband, so whatever changes they added in their profiles, was making the issue I thought I couldn’t resolve. They use Dubbing mainly because they have very bad eyesight and even the glasses make it hard for them to see the subtitles so they prefer dubbing in their dramas. But the dubbing in my Japanese, Chinese dramas (is gone now) and I finally paid more attention on how to add my subtitle preferences, and even learned to make the letters much bigger; so is easier now for me to read the subs.

Thanks to @mirjam_465 who also helped out, and made me aware about the fact I had my own profile(I didn’t know that), and I mentioned it to my daughter who then fixed it for me (she knows I won’t do it) lol