Arts & Crafts

Do you guys do any arts and crafts type stuff? Digital, traditional, etc. (Post pictures!!)
It’s a little sad seeing the design/art category so empty :I

Anyway, I spent the better part of my Sunday sewing paper together, trying to figure out how to bind together a small notebook properly. It doesn’t sound hard, you know? Poke some holes in a stack of paper and then run a thread through it, right? I don’t know I kept messing up n.n

I did end up getting the hang of it though.

[O-O A cicada just parked itself on my window for a minute and oh my god was it loud.]

I wonder if the school printers will print on cardstock…

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That is very interesting. If you don’t mind me asking what type of paper are you using?
(I am betting that the school printer will print on card stock)

For my artsy crafty stuff, I make costumes for my kids and outfits for their dolls, and of course draw and paint when time allows. I will have to find something and post it. :slight_smile:

Yes, pictures please!!
Hehee, I bet the costumes are super adorable. What kind of painting do you do?

Found some manilla folders, so I’ve been using those for the covers. And plain copy paper for the inside. Nothing fancy :> I’d love to splurge on some nice paper craft stuff when I get some money.

Well I just started but I do sewing and I love making invitations.
I would love to post some designs but I’m not a pro! I love that people do arts and crafts other than designing pages in viki!

Ooooh, post something, yes! ^-^
You don’t have to be a pro. I love seeing what people make in their spare time; it’s usually very cool.

What do you sew?

Yup, I know this thread is old, but I didn’t know where else to post this. :sweat_smile:

I was at my local library when I found a book named Korean Patchwork Quilting: 37 Modern Bojagi Style Projects. I can do basic sewing, but it’s time consuming for me and my eyes aren’t the best. However, I thought I would share the book just in case it’s interesting to someone. :blush: The projects inside are very beautiful and colorful!


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