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Recently I’ve been in the mood to watch just a Movie and not get into a whole new drama and marathon it but it’s been hit and miss sooooooooooo Looking for Movie Recommendations

@Hesto recommended Hello Ghost and I really enjoyed it and I loved Rurouni Kenshin and Beck …but what other good ones are out there please share your fav’s or ones you are looking forward to seeing ( any Asian movie Korean, Japanese. TW ect I love them all)


The servant (japanese)
Koizora (japanese)
A frozen flower (korean)
Baby and me (korean)
He was cool (korean)
Kimi ni todoke (japanese)
Liar game: the final stage (japanese, warning : if you like it you will want to watch the drama as well)

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I’ll check these out right now thanks!!!

And I ll see Rurouni Kenshin :slight_smile:

So thank you

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I found it here the second movie is being released in March I believe of this year!!!

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Baby and Me OMG soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! And JKS is on of my fav actors too so bonus

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@dramaaaaa kk sooooooooooooooooooooo I watched it…

A Werewolf Boy and *officially back in love with him…2years go by fast please this man can act sooooooooooooo good

One of my fav scenes

Turns out this isn’t really that sad of a movie after all was quite a good one actually I don’t want to give it away for those that haven’t seen it yet but anyone that like me thought it was going to be a real tear jerker and were avoiding it check it out it… and let me know your thoughts…I’m currently writing the sequel in my head as we speak…
@Niennavalar I think you’d like this one also

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Okay hahaha I will definitely watch it ! Thanks :slight_smile:

I saw quite a lot of movies. Let’s give some suggestions:

  • Koizora (has jdrama too)
  • Taiyou No Uta (has jdrama too)
  • 1 Litre of tears (has jdrama too)
  • Heavenly Forest (Japanese)
  • Postman To heaven (Korean)
  • Werewolf Boy (Korean)
  • Baby & I (Korean)
  • Be with you (has Jdrama too)
  • Norwegian Wood (Japanese)
  • Architecture 101 (Korean)
  • Akai Ito (Japanese)
  • The Crucible (korean)
  • Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu (Japanese)
  • Snow Prince (Japanese)
  • Nana 1 & 2 (Japanese)
  • Say Hello for Me (Japanese)
  • Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World (Japanese)
  • A Brand New Life (Korean)
  • Virgin Snow (Japanese, collab project between Japan and Korea)
  • Grave Of The Fireflies (Japanese, it also has an anime by Ghibli)
  • Koikyokusei (Japanese)

Oops got a bit carried away but I like so many. All these titles are romance, human drama, comedy or a mix of these genres =)

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Koizora I’m watching as we speak has my ** Miura** with blonde hair swoons @Niennavalar he’s gorgeous in this one but I have a feeling this is going to be extremely sad I’ve got a box of tissues just in case…
Werewolf Boy just finished watching really liked it thanks again @dramaaaaa !! I demand a sequel :stuck_out_tongue: I have a theory how I’d want that done!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Baby and I also watched today and it was just adorable thanks @shalottcamelot cutest one so far today!! :slight_smile:
Nana 1&2 I’ve watched and rewatched loveeeeeeeeee the manga anime and live action one of my all time favs
Grave of the Fireflies I’ve seen the anime was it made into a Live Action too??
The rest are all new to me so tysvm!!!

BTW have you seen Beck if you’re a fan of the manga and anime I would recommend it I thought they were dead on for the casting!!!


BECK up there with Nana for me anyway felt like the manga/anime characters walked right out into their portrayal sometime I watch a drama or movie based on an manga /anime and I’m disappointed NOT with this one…



Faints SOLD

Yes Grave of the Fireflies has a live action two actually as I just discovered as I was looking for a link =)
2005 version, 2008 version. I saw the one with Mao Inoue (2005) but I guess I saw the 2008 one too as I recognize the scene on the cover. I’m confused now…LOL

Beck anime wasn’t really my thing so I never saw that movie.

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I love Koizora so I won’t spoil the end for you , I’ll stay quiet. I love Nana too…
Kimi Ni Todoke, I still have to see the live action of Paradise Kiss but I will added to my list.
I’m not sure if in this topic can we count the animated asian movies as well but all movies made by Studios Ghibli are a must : castle in the sky, my neighbor Totoro, spirit away, nausica, princess mononoke etc. they are all great.
Grave of Fireflies is a huge most see, is concidered one of the best japanese movies of all times. (the animated one)
and I’m adding boku no hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu to my movies to see.
Ah I wanna see the movie that T.O.P did recently that was in USA movie Theaters

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OMFG!!! Yup cried my bloody eyes out…

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy soooooooooooooooooo many feelssssssssss right now…I’m going to go into work looking like a panda…

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I’ve been on a Movie Kick as well, but I think I’ve told you that already.
I watched
Secretly Greatly (pretty good)
Actor is an Actor (definitely NC-17 but still an interesting movie)
Chilling Romance (But I think you’ve seen that one)

I’ve watched quite a few movies… Are you in the mode for something in particular?

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I loved the movie for Paradise Kiss finally an ending I was happy with I was really not a happy women by the end of the manga… and yeah hun all movies Animated too I need to know what’s good out there of late I’ve watched several and been left going WTF did I just watch!!! Sooooooooo yeah any and all recommendations greatly appreciated!!

LOL seeing as I’ll be a work for the next 8hrs I want nothing that will make me burst out crying and wailing like a crazy women though I will watch those at home so give a girl warning if my heart will break but anything I’m totally in Movie mode :smiley: I don’t think I’ve seen any of those yet!!! Unless they have a different name??

I’ve got a thing for the Rock Band manga :stuck_out_tongue:

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Baby and me is one my favorites! is just freaking perfect! check these out

  • A werewolf boy -korean- (if you haven’t seen it I’m sure you’ll love it, and fall so hard for Song Jong Ki)
  • The Crucible -Korean- (starring Gong Yoo and my favorite one, this movie deserves an Oscar)
  • 200 pounds of beauty -korean-
  • A little thing called love -Thai- (I love this story, really)
  • Herb -korean- (one of my favorite ones, I cried my eyes out whith this one)
  • The butterfly -Indonesia- (this movie is a huge “OMG!”)
  • Hello stranger -Thai- (This one is one of my favorite ones, I’ve watched it a million times, and never get tired of it)
  • Hear me -Taiwan- (Such a beautiful and surprising story, and Eddie Peng is soo cute)
  • Secretly, greatly -Korean- (This one is a MUST)
  • Very ordinary couple -Korea- (starring Lee Min Ki, that’s enough! haha)

There are a lot more but I don’t remember right now…


Yeah @dramaaaaa recommended Werewolf Boy to me thinking I would like it, watched today really liked it
200 pounds of Beauty I think I’ve seen is that the one about Jenny who is this amazing singer?? Goes under FULL BODY plastic surgery?? I liked it but not so much the whole if you get head to toe plastic surgery done you can change your life she could of just went on a diet she was beautiful the way she was in my opinion not that I have anything against plastic surgery heck I’d go get tweaked here and there but not my WHOLE body!! o_O.
I think I’ll try Secretly, Greatly next tysvm and keep adding them I watch way tooooooooooooo much but blahhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t feel like doing my homework!! :smiley: Terrible I know…

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