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Soooooooooooooo I’m here at work doing the night shift figure ohhhhhhhhhhk I’ll watch Secretly, Greatly and I’m loving it…

it just keeps getting better and better…

touching bromance…

more Hotties

last 20mins of the flipping movie when you think kk they soooooooo won’t go there right…

Was a great movie up till the last 20 flipping mins at the end I’m re-writing the ending that’s all I’m saying…

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Thank God for Miura in

Kimi Ni Todoke

soooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee

fav scene…well one of them…

cute story think I may of read the manga a little slow paced but enjoyable

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!!! i didnt think they made a live action version of kimi ni todoke! ive been reading the manga and the anime watching and i love it, but the anime was very slow paced, so i have yet to watch the 2nd season and kinda gave they said they wouldnt kiss, and kinda wasted my time…(althought they kissed in the manga.) ur making me want to watch this now! i dont usually like watching the live actions of most manga’s because they always dissapoint me… when they pick the characters for the guys and girls, to me they look weird and not so accurate. but i see that kozuhiya or however u spell his name looks really cute! i think i will watch this! is it a movie?

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Yeah… that’s how I felt too… WWAAAAHAAAA. but still good.

I think they don’t have as many Happy Endings in Korean movies as they do in American Movies… . Not a bad thing, just what I’ve noticed. Makes it all the more shocking when you are expecting it to all end nicely and then it does not. :frowning:


i SERIOUSLY agree with u on that. kdramas know how to make a more beautiful romance then in american movies/shows, but when it comes to happy ends, americans probably know how to have better happy endings then kdramas :confused: which is a shame because i like kdramas WAAAYY better then american stuff, i dont even watch tv anymore. theyve gotten corny, shameful and just boring.

not to bash anyone, cuz im american u know? haha just speaking opinions here.

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Yes this is the Japanese movie of it with Miura Haruma if you haven’t already seen any of his previous works this is a cute start!! ^_^.

YEAH I should of known better by now!!! But it was going soooooooooooooooooooo great than BAM knife straight to the heart

giggles you are sooooooooooo right my friend we must take over re writing these endings…my poor heart can’t take it any more!! :smiley:

I knew I forgot to mention a movie, it was Kimi Ni Todoke. And talking about manga turned into a movie… maybe you like “High School Debut” too =)

Let’s give Secretly, Greatly a try I only saw the kiss scene so far hahaha


I really liked it… acting is incredible!!! But meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heart…let me know what you think of it!!!
Hmmmmmm High School Debut hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe I’ll give that a go seriously what heartache could they possibly throw at me in that… O_O…tissue box positioned…

GAH!!! hes like so cute where did u watch this on youtube? thanks!

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all i can say is… 49 DAYS. im done.

i just finished that show not too long ago and i cant believe it… still BROKEN.

we MUST because they just dont know how to write endings anymore. the last good/great ending i saw that was rlly happy was “the winter the wind blows” and that was a longggggggggggg time ago.

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Oh here is where I’ve found everything

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crap but that’s the wrong one just a sec

sorry that other is a drama I’m trying to finish watching

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@melliebean_2 @Dudie i actually didnt like that yoh looked so cute in the manga and so… not in the live action… LOL
sorry, but that made me stop watching it. the manga was seriously so much better, but i know thats always the case. but … maybe ill continue it if u say its rlly good. i couldnt take it seriously in the first part. does it get more serious later?

btw i heard they coming out with a volume 14 @Dudie

I have been avoiding 49 Days like THE PLAGUE I’ve heard from several ppl it’s really sad it’s is going in the Midas ist of one’s to watch when I just want to spend the day in bed crying like a crazy person…

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I haven’t read the manga if this is for that High School one so if I like the movie I’ll probably start reading it soooooooooo I’ll have nothing to compare it too!! :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah I HATE when the Live Action comes out for one of my fav manga and I’m like…

they nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu look like that…

I can not watch this…they destroyed my fantasy

dont. just dont. unless you want to DIE FROM A HEART ATTACK DUE TO BROKEN FEELS/HEART.
i just dont know why in the heck ppl love it, it was getting good, then the last two episodes… murder on the viewer! haha
like the director was so cruel that he gave us …ill try not to spoil it as best i can hope:

i think everyone has there own opinion of the story and some people DID tell me that it was sad. BUT I DID NOT EXPECT THIS TO BE THIS SAD.i find it cruel that the makers of this show had to not only put up a tiny bit of our hopes up for us, but they didnt have to inflict such great PAIN on us in THAT WAY. it was very cruel not only to make it sad,but to do so in such a way that u feel broken,cuz the situation in the show was bad,but then they made it sooo worse by making it as painful as possible for the viewers. the way they did this show was to hurt ppl soo much…
i was devastated. so broken hearted that i cant bear to watch it again .this was pure torture for us to feel the pain and feel it GOOD.

ask @asuka_V

GOD. haha it was painful depression-mode-type-drama.

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LOLOLOL really, the manga,ill say it was one of the best mangas i have ever read. very cute/romantic and i LOVE the main characters. but exactlyyyyy what ur saying. cuz i think in the live action, yoh looks bad


thanks for the link!!!

yea… [quote=“melliebean_2, post:36, topic:1529”]
it’s is going in the Midas ist of one’s to watch when I just want to spend the day in bed crying like a crazy person…

crying like a crazy person?
more like an insane psycho who cant control herself and wants to push herself down a flight of stairs…

@asuka_V says the ending was like a slap in the face. i say :

it wasnt just a feeling of a “slap in the face” end. it was a slap in the face, push down the stairs,drown in the pool, poisoned kinda feel LOL all at once too