Asian Movies


yea i know, but i would never. ive had plenty stomaches in my time. i’d rather not test out, and see if its fun. im good. if curiosity kills the cat, then those gummie bears could probably kill a horse!

LOL u better hope not… im glad i dont know anyone like that…

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Well they apparently taste like out of this World yummy!!! Soooooooooo I can’t say if I just had one out of curiosity I could actually stop…I’d no doubt be the next idiot praying to the Porcelain gods…it’s like that when I go to India I KNOW I shouldn’t eat certain foods…but …yeah…The Family Guy pic at the end of that review doesn’t even cover what I go through…

These are sooo bad!.. As I sat here reading tales of exploding bowels I thought “I wonder if this is true, Maybe I should try them.”

oi! I need to go study… Alright. I’ll read one or two more. ^ ^


lol the best way to put it!!! I have avoid and will keep avoiding 49 days too for ever!!!

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By the way I found the youtube link to watch Beck what a surprise when the first thing i see is Subtitles brought to you by the Beck team @viki lol O.O ok…I coundn’t found it here, so if someone knows let me know

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LOLOLOLOLOL u crack me up xD

dang, i think i would stop, i dont care HOW yummy it is, i dont want to die by stomach-ache. thats the worst.

girlll, u dont know how many lives ur saving by saying and doing that.(including your own) haha
i thought i was gonna die and my heart was literally ripping in a million pieces. LOL

Yeah either could I, I saw the subs too and came back to look again since I like reading the running comments…but if it’s here I don’t know what it’s under…

My bet is it was a Fan Channel that got pulled down, but someone grabbed the video and subs before that happened.

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I for one thank whoever did it was great quality!!!

you definitely have to watch it !!
Amazing Drama , awesome chemistry and very good story …
What do you understand when you say “sad”? It’s not sad like 49 days and has a beautiful ending, don’t want to spoiler just sayin: )
you should definitely watch it ! =)


OMG thank you !! someone who likes 49 Days @b2utybubbles you seeeeee?

Thank you haha

So I watched High-school Debut and I’m pretty sure I’ve read the manga if not one extremely similar LOL overall not a bad movie it was cute and the male lead grew on me by the end but yeah it would be interesting to see this remade with a different casting

Those who also didn’t like the casting who would you rather see in the role?? LOL me I’d want to see Miura but that may be since I’ve watched now so many of his that he’s in school !! :smiley:

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would u recommend it? i never finished it and had second thoughts about whether or not i should see it :confused:

Overall it was cute nothing to run out in the streets shouting about neighbors and their damn police calls where was I ahhhhhhh yes I would recommend BECK over this one but than again I’m a huge BECK fan and Ruroni Kenshin but as stated before HUGE fan…it’s broken into 15mins parts so check it out if you aren’t into it within the first 15mins moveeeeeeeeeeeee on tooooo many others out there to check out!! :stuck_out_tongue: BTW did you watch Mimi or I should say did you understand what the heck is going on??? I’m still confused but I watched it during a night shift sooooo that might of had something to do with it…

@shalottcamelot do you have a link for The Servant I can’t seem to find it subbed :’( I want to check out everyone’s recommendations since these are all new to me!! ^_^.

Hoooray!!! I’m happy too! Someone else likes 49 days!!
Thought I was loner out here :smile:

We are not alone hahaha happy now

LOL I’ll watch it eventually just sooooooooooooooo many I have on my list but yeah when I want my heart ripped out I’ve got it listed as #1!!!

Yeah my list is also getting longer and loooongeeeeerr