Asians covering "our" music


Anything from ARO!


Singer Henri Lau & Actress Kim Go Eun!

A mix of Kpop and Western pop from NIDA:



Original German version

Mandarin version by Rainie Yang

I can’t tell if the lyrics are somewhat the same or different …


Repost because the videos got deleted:
Les Misérables Korean style with the wonderful Michael Lee as Jean Valjean

Jung Yonghwa, - Always (Bon Jovi)

And one of my new favourite singers: 한지상 Han Ji Sang - Heaven on Their Minds (Jesus Christ Superstar)

Same song by Michael K. Lee (this time in English) He got a classic musical voice, timeless and melodious, but I liked Han Ji Sang’s irreverent passion more



According to the article below, the following song is a huge hit on Douyin (TikTok in Chinese) and is often used as background music. Chris James was also a co-songwriter for BTS’ Life goes on.


This is a really very nice cover, I like it much better and deeper than Gaga’s, I just listened to Gaga’s and it’s kinda more scream than sing… I’m very stunned that Kim Go Eun can sing so well!!


Until now, I only knew the German version…


But you know that the original version is from a Filipino, it’s not a song that originated in the Western world it’s an Asian song.


I had no idea.



any MONSTA X covering English hits?


If you know some, you can share them here. :slight_smile: