Asians covering "our" music



Ailee: I will always love you. This woman is a queen indeed:

So Hyang - Lean on me

Ali: Endless Summer Nights

Sohyang, Simon & Garfunkel’s’Bridge Over Troubled Water

ALi - Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Hyorin - Show me How you Burlesque

Li Xiang Zhe & Zhai Li Suo Tian sing “Happy Heart” from the wonderful Chinese show “Super Vocal”

Ayanga, Yu Di, Hong Zhiguang - “Les Rois du Monde” (again from “Super Vocal”)

Yongwha “You Give Love A Bad Name”

Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE) - Always (Bon Jovi)

And this to make you laugh. Yonghwa literally invents a new language in Despacito:

Taiwanese Angela Chang (Zhang Shaohan) “Besame Mucho+Despacito”-Personal Essence in the show “Singer 2018” At least she took the trouble of learning the words correctly.

Hwasa - “Stay” (Rihanna). Fortunately there are English subs, otherwise you would still be wondering in what language she’s singing.

Son SeungYeon - Bohemian Rhapsody

Ayanga and Zheng Yunlong sing “I’ll Cover You” from the gay musical “Rent”

If you loved “Super Vocal”, here are two more interesting performances.
“Radioactive” in a brilliant arrangement

Cai Chengyu, Fang Shujian sing “Melodramma” first popularized by Andrea Boccelli. I think they are much more interesting musically than he is.

Wang Xi, Li Qi, Ju Hongchuan - “The Sound of Silence” (Simon and Garfunkel, from the movie “The Graduate”)

Lee Hyuk (ex Norazo) sings a part from “She’s gone”

And another Korean guy, who’s not a professional singer (or wasn’t at the time the video was taken), but can hold his own, on the same song.

And this is Lee Hyuk again, rebranded for the West as E.Hyuk

Does Kazhakstan count as Asia, or do you only mean the Far East?
Dimash in his signature cover of SOS

Tien Chong - Shape of You “Singer 2018”

Zhou Shen - “Time to Say Goodbye” (Con Te Partirò)

Cai Chengyu, Ding Hui, Jia Fan - “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (from The Lion King)

Gao Tian He, Wang Kai, Yu Di, Ju Hong Chuan “Il Libro dell’Amore”, an Italian song originally by 2 Cellos & Zucchero.

Yu Di, Hong Zhiguang, Gong Ziqi - “Bella Ciao”. This is a bit funny for us Italians because of the pompousness of the arrangement, but the singers are awesome.

So Hyang - You Raise Me Up

Park Ki-young ˝I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls˝

EXO Cover English Songs (includes a lifeless rendition of “Imagine”)

Kei and Hwasa “Wish you were gay”

Park Da Eun singing “When we were young”

Korean Singers Slay English Songs

Zhou Shen in a lovely rendition of “Monsters” (from “Singer” 2020) Disney should hire him!

You raise me up from a group of Korean singers in a show where rude people speak and shout all over the singing


Here are some I don’t personally recommend, as lacking in power and emotion
Luna “This is Me” Made it into a soft, happy version, without any power.

So Hyang - My Heart Will Go On & Power Of Love

Yoon San-Ha (ASTRO) & Ji Suyeon (Weki meki) - A Whole New World (Aladdin OST) Melodious but lifeless rendition.



the way he says ‘all’ just cracks me up every time

this is as good as the original

the first time i heard this, i was BLOWN away


Does anyone still remembers LED Apple and Hanbyul? I really love his voice and he did a mind-blowing cover version of Grenade from Bruno Mars.

And his version of Royals from Lorde is so good! I like it more than the original version :slight_smile:


OMG, he’s even singing about Bokito! :open_mouth: :rofl:

Great songs, @irmar , thank you! I had never even heard of “Super Vocal”, but it seems like something I would watch.
And of course Kazakhstan is welcome too! :slight_smile:

From The Voice Of Mongolia:


I was looking for this one, I thought you should listen to it. I think he’s even better than Julie Andrews.

“The Lonely Goatherd” – Zhou Shen


OMG! He’s brilliant! :star_struck:


I like these 2 covers a lot:
2Bic - Let it go

K.Will and Hyolyn - Whenever you call


Old “We got married” material the Ketong Couple, Hwan Hee and Hyobi


How could I forget this one? :smile:

The Phantom Of The Opera:


all of them were awesome to me, what a wonderful list to listen to!


the lonely goatherd awesome!! and I listened, how long ago was that, and was that a variety show? still good, and as for Julioe Andrews? hmmmm, got to think on it!! yeah hes good to be sure!!


Super Vocal was a singing contest variety show, one of the very best in China, it lasted for only two seasons. Maybe because it was difficult to find singers of that quality?
Zhou Chen seriously needs to work on his Engilsh, though, he’s nearly incomprehensible.


No greater cover than Jonghyun’s… May he rest in peace :confounded: :sob:


Sometimes asians ‘cover’ other Asians too:

Original: Baek Ji Young - Being hit like a bullet:

Peter Ho - Remember I Love You

The last one is the OST of Summer’s Desire, one of the few Taiwanese Drama I do like and even rewatched once:



L’Arc-en-Ciel’s Hyde singing Duran Duran’s Ordinary World:


I don’t know if this was posted already before, but I just found this: There’s Nothing Holding Me Back (Shawn Mendes) by Bang Yedam
He does it really, really well (he starts singing at 1:20), so much that he was complimented by Shawn Mendes himself!