<b>Looking Subbers, Moderators, segmenters, For: City Of The Sun</b>

A drama about the corruption of a construction company and the supervisory agency that is parasitic to it. The main character of the drama struggles to make buildings fit for people to live in and reflects back on the true values that we humans have forgotten about Any language is accepted, I am the channel manager, if you are interested please PM up! :slight_smile:

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I would like to ask you, you got a PM from Viki staff?
Because of I can’t find this channel, that’s means probably this channel not approvaled yet.
I submitted a lot of time age this channel, too. I waiting to get PM from Viki, my channel approvaled or denied.

And I would like to invite you to this topic:


Have a nice day!


I am the channel Manager today, Please if you are interested pm, or comment below. stay tuned for it.

Hi, I’d Like to segment for the Drama.

Thank you very much, I will Contact you soon. Please stay Tuned.

Alright, I see. ^.^ Fighting!

i can help with english portuguese sub

Sure why not, PLease wait I will contact you soon

Hey! I would do the English - German sub if i’m allowed to. :slight_smile:

I can translate from english to french :slight_smile: if that’s of any help. You probably need translators korean-english first ^^

Hi all of you!

The channel of City of the Sun was denied, because VIKI wasn’t able to get the license.

Sorry for the bad news. But as I wrote, when this topic opened, Nobody knew whether there will be channel or not for City of the sun. Now, we know the channel denied. :frowning: