Bad news from China: 100 days more of Idol and Historical dramas hunger


Please, read below:
“Recently, the TV and TV Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China”. According to the notice, the General Administration of the People’s Republic of China plans to start the “100-day broadcast” of the key TV series in August and present the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The exhibition broadcast selected 86 repertoires for the TV stations at all levels in the country, especially the provincial satellite TVs, to purchase and broadcast since August. The “Notice” requires that no entertaining costume dramas and idol dramas should be broadcast during the broadcast period to ensure that the broadcast repertoire is coordinated with the overall atmosphere of the publicity period.”


So any drama set 70 years ago and less is fine, unless it includes idols?

I don’t understand what they have against idols. Seems like hypocrisy to me, seeing as idols are good enough when the country needs to promote its culture, but not good enough when they want to participate in celebrating the same country.


Also, this news is real:

Chinese Dramas like My Girlfriend can wait, others like The Untamed or The Longest Day In Chang’An will be affected by this.


It’s nothing more than a BS excuse in the name of patriotism - The National Radio and Television Administration is basically forcing the TV stations and online platforms to air some of the crappy dramas that’s been piled up. No platforms wants to air them because no one wants to watch them. It’s insane on how much TV shows are coming out of China - We are talking about dramas that release two episodes per day already, and there is still a massive pile up. The TV department is probably sick and tired of getting hate mails and sobbing phone calls from all these production companies complaining about unfair treatments.


Do they show new or old movies/dramas then? Or did they make special movies and dramas for these 100 days?


… and not broadcast any period or ‘idol dramas’ that are too entertaining.

What?! :joy::joy::joy:

These people are nuts. Why don’t they just say they don’t want their people to watch so much television in those 3 months?

Anybody know if “The Story of Yanxi Palace” ended okay or was the ending too abrupt?


I read that it was taken offline quite fast but I don’t know if they cut some episodes as well.


Is this why the last episode of The Untamed will be shown (if you pay extra) on the 7th instead of the 20th? Since this is my favorite drama right now and the only thing I want to watch, if the last episodes are canceled I’ll be heartbroken.


I thought it only affects Chinese TV and not VIKI’s actually airing dramas or those that are already completed?