Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


It’s the Impossible Dream, possibly. . .
The Decoy badge, possibly. . .
I am not making any progress up here in the mountain.

Me on the safety ropes :point_left:t5::sob::rofl: on the left
This one is truly a lesser travelled path, :woman_shrugging:t5: yep! We need a :speaking_head: trailblazer! :speaking_head:

I’ve made this a Wiki, so please feel free to make edited suggestions (Regular Badge required)

kdrama2020ali - creeping


How do I edit a Wiki?

(from Wikipedia)

“You edit me and you are toast!” (Left hearing aid at home.)


It is a slippery slope, fans have attested to disappearing, @feyfayer, to be exact, after messing around with Wikies.


Hahah I wasn’t messing with them, I only deleted one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
@kdrama2020ali went and edited mine :rofl:


Reporters :microphone::film_projector::microphone: So, what really happended when you deleted the Wiki?
Tell us more please, leave nothing out.



Your badge disappears :no_mouth::expressionless:

@kdrama2020ali :speak_no_evil:


Did I disappear you badge??? I’m sorry - totally totally sorry!


Oh no no, you didn’t make my badge disappear. Sorry for the misunderstanding!
When I made my first Wiki, I got the badge, so I deleted the Wiki.
A couple of hours later I noticed that my badge had disappeared. Really odd.
So I made a Wiki again, and the badge appeared again.
@ninjas_with_onions also noticed that the Wiki badge is tied to the Wiki’s you make :woman_shrugging:


Welp - You know where I am!


Reporter :microphone::film_projector::microphone: In fact, that has to be the First Wikie? Do you recall this statement!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing: And the eyewitness account?


Doing :joy::heartpulse: time!


No Tofu for you! You’re already out.


I actually have gotten the WIKI badge like 3 times or notification of the badge like 3 times in my notifications!


I only had one Wiki, so the badge disappeared when I deleted it.
I think I only have one Wiki, so if it disappears, so will my badge :thinking:


Sometimes it will tell me like this morning to wait 20 mins to get out of jail - then sometimes - it puts me in jail then let’s me out!!! WHAT IS THAT?


TBH, I have no clue, I’ve be held for 3 mins, and as long as 12+ hours.


I know which wiki I edited first to get the badge and made another post into a wiki, edited it and removed it from being a wiki back to an ordinary post. Nothing happened to the wiki badge, so yes, it seems only the first wiki matters.
So it seems I now have to guard the first wiki like it was my picture of Dorian Grey in order to maintain the badge!


I have a theory. Lets do some P.I. :male_detective: try and figure out how this jail system work!
And it is relevant to badges as it tied to investigating these used 50 numbers badges.
I thought Regulars got 75 :heart: since I saw x1.5 mentioned in the Trust level blog for trust level 2.

@leerla73 @kdrama2020ali @jadecloud88 @vivi_1485 @feyfayer (the usual criminals!)
When you get out of heart jail, do you get another 50~75 :heart: to use or does it vary like the jail time?

  • It varies how many :heart: I get to use
  • I always get the same number back after being freed

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I do get different amounts of :purple_heart: and I go in and out of JAIL - I got put in twice today!