Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


hahaha such a great gif!!!


Oh no, I got noticed. Now I can’t run away. But at least I got food. Not bad. Not bad. :wink:
I’m not sure about this reciepe, but I love łazanki, which has almost the same ingrediences, so it probably is good. Looks tasty.
Sadly I don’t know much about badges, I just have the most basic ones.:frowning:


You can get the silver Licensed badge if you go back to your message where you did your new user tutorial and reply to discobot with


Back in Jail! See I didn’t get very many more :purple_heart: wait 57 min we shall see

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Heads up! Duly noted, let me put that baby :baby: away in the hidden safe :bank:


Dang it! Got cut off by ISP doing maintenance. (They probably think it’s 01:45 there should be very few people on the internet, they should be asleep!)
Needed to reply at the time you posted this! Ideal candidate! A repeat offender!
If you’re still in jail, when you get out can you count how many hearts you could use? I think it will be low like 9


If I look at my stats for the day under the “bars” above I have given 99 hearts out. So I did get 50 and 50 right???:purple_heart:


It difficult to tell, as I’m in a different time zone and how the server defines a day. If my theory is correct then your next jail time will be a staggering 12 hours!


When I hit jail again I’ll let you know! It really is not easy to figure out! It says 100 hearts yes right now on the STATS


Yea, those updates is slow churning.


@kdrama2020ali better pack now if she’s going back in, if where you’re going looks anything like this :love_hotel: :sparkles::wink: pack a suitcase :luggage:


A theorists among us, I :heavy_heart_exclamation: it!


Rather than looking at the league table, have a look at your profile stats. (click your avatar then your user name)
In Activities you’ll see Likes given with how long ago it was they were given. You should have 100 that have not reached “1 day” (23 hour, 22 hours etc) You have a big gap of 12 hours if you get jailed again before they drop off the other end of 1 day. or at least that’s my theory.


I don’t count :sweat_smile: I just get mad every time it locks me in and cry “What’s the use of being Regular if I don’t get unlimited heartssss!?!”.
Though I’ve noticed that it’s happened less frequently after I’ve become a Regular. I may have gone to heart jail about two or three times, whereas I used to go almost every day when I was a Basic user.

I’ll count today.

I just went around liking posts till I got kicked into jail. I think I got about 100 hearts. It’s telling me to wait for 1 hour before I can start again.
Guess I’m stuck in heart jail now. The things I sacrifice for your curiosity :sob::joy:


I thought Regulars had 75 hearts at first but that might have been 50 x 1.5 at the Member tier. All it said for tier 3 is “more likes”, so it’s probably safe to assume it’s capped at 100. Y’all hearting mad!


Speaking of which, I’ve been slapped with a warning


So this is what you guys do while I am subbing and editing, hmmmm.:wink:

@vivi_1485, @misswillowinlove, some, but not all, of our English editors allow the use of Korean honorifics such as “Hyung”, “Unni”, “Ahjussi”, etc. So as a subber, I have to check the Team Notes for each project to see what the preference of the Chief Editor is. I have gotten to a point where I use them regardless even when I know that my subtitles will be edited.


Don’t make me feel guilty :sweat_smile: I hope I’m doing a good job as a volunteer, I try my best.

Don’t you just love it when they award you a badge (1000 subs in Chinese titles!) and then add this line: “ONLY 10000 subs for your next badge!” :flushed:
The badge is pretty, I get excited…and then they happily remind me about the “only” 1000 more :woman_facepalming:


Congratulations! When I first started subbing July of last year, I thought there is no way I would become a QC since it requires a contribution of 3000 subtitles. Well, it looks like I’ve made over 33,000 subtitles so far. This past weekend was particularly grueling because I was TEing the last episode of a variety show. My portion of the video was approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes long which took more than 10 hours to TE.


@ninjas_with_onions ok it just hit me with you have 11 hrs before you can get out of jail.

And it just flipped to midnight here! So not sure why that is!?

:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: For everyone CUZ I can’t give anymore for 11 hours!