Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


Well, as someone who could possibly be a super-duper English editor (if I wasn’t so put off by the whole process of becoming one), I have to say that not using Korean honorifics, but using something like “Big Bro” or “Big Sis” or “Mister” implies (to me) impolite casualness and not polite respect.

A “correct” English rendering in my book would be “Honored Older Brother,” “Honored Older Sister,” and “Honored Older Man I Want To Show Respect To,” but what a way to clog up a screen.

And if people so addicted to K-dramas that they spend 50% of their waking lives SUBBING AND SEGMENTING AND EDITING . . . don’t get that other addicts already know bout them honorifics . . . then all I can do is give all of them a Scooby badge . . . Ruh-roh!

(from Business Insider website, “Scooby Doo’s real name isn’t really Scoobert Doobert”)


I totally agree with you but not all viewers or Viki editors seem to agree.


It’s because your oldest like will take 11 hours to reach 1 day and then no longer counted as part of your 100 quota. That seems to be the definition of a “day” in the life of a like, 24 hours from the time you pressed like.


Wow, that’s a LOT! :scream: You’re amazing!!
@misswillowinlove From the start of our interactions, I always thought you’d be wonderful as an English Editor. :smile: Starting out is a little tough…but it’s really rewarding. Because I love editing so much, I consider it a fun pastime.
Correcting pre-subs has become one of my favorite things to do because some pre-subs are SO BAD you have to guess what the person is trying to say and also the emotions they’re trying to convey. There’s no problem with guessing wrong because the TE comes after you.


Back in my Drama Fever days, I watched a K-drama that had to do with a guy who was a sommelier and the restaurant he worked in . . . and the grief he got from owners, customers, AND a woman sommelier who wanted his job (and his heart, of course).

There were many, many, many inconsistencies in English spelling, punctuation, and orthography.

I could not figure out a way to get the entire “set” of subs at once in order to correct them (with the idea of emailing them to somebody. So I started an episode and wrote down the time stamp and text of each “boo-boo.” It took me an hour to catch ten minutes’ worth of “boo-boos.” That stopped me cold, and I have suffered quietly (ha!) ever since.


Got this today! So it’s been a year! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: A wonderful, chaotic year…I’m glad I met you all!


Yes, each like you give will reset after 1 day.
Because of my time zone, ‘one day’ for the likes is split between two days. So if I use all my likes on the first half of the day and log in after the time I gave those likes, I get all of them back. But, if I liked some of the posts in the first half of the day and some in the second, then I only get them back partially and will have to wait for the ‘timer’ to run out.


NOOOOO! No Amnesia . . . who are you?


Best I could do on short notice. Bakers don’t like being rousted out of bed in the middle of the night . . .


@vivi_1485 Congratulations!

You can hear them singing Happy Birthday - the SQUAD - you know you love them.


I have been given the Wiki Badge AGAIN in my notifications! I don’t know I don’t think that is one you keep getting!

Otta JAIL!!!:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


LOL When I started it was 650 subs or 1000 segments becoming QC, if I am not wrong, I know I did it over a weekend, and I was so slow back then, didn’t know any short-cuts …
And you could access any show you liked just like that, then access was reduced. There was a time when you had 10.000 segments you became a super segmenter and could just jump into any channel without further ado and do your magic …
You might imagine it beautiful, but for some days we had lag, and that was as if you stood on the highway only seeing cars and no end, no movement at all. Page will load … I remember the so-called circle of death … Haha, when the page was loading, and loading and loading and never came around …
How did I get there? Ah, the badges back then, we didn’t have, but I remember the “traffic lights” as we sometimes called them changing color whenever we were about to get to a thousand again.


:rofl::laughing::rofl: Aren’t they tho’ !?! And then this is me :rofl:


Think of :film_projector::performing_arts:Kill Me Heal Me :performing_arts::movie_camera: :joy::joy::rofl:

I need heart emoticons on my keyboard that truly expresses my emotions when I hit that heart button. 정말!



Unfortunately NO New Badges - I’m in GroundHog Day!


Some badges come as you live, love, and laugh out loud. Yup!


LOL great answer!


thank you^^

awww look! It’s Chaaarlieee!! I loved that show so much when I was younger!

So true!!
Goodness, I got this today

Thank you for all the love!^^



If y’all wanna check out @vivi_1485’s posts on a racking 8 badges for “Nice Reply” check her link below


@ninjas_with_onions!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: ever since I did the likes experiment, I’ve been getting kicked into heart jail non-STOP!!