Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


They are giving out too much love it’s not about the 25/50/100 hearts it’s that one heart over the limit. LOL

That’s their motto - they would do anything for love and the love badges, you can’t blame them either because they didn’t design those badges.






I’m now toeing the line, because :musical_note::notes: I’ve Learned my lesson well! . .Lott-in-dah!-dah!-dah! :notes::musical_note:


:sob::sob::sob::rofl::joy: the visuals :sob:




As a Regular who still hasn’t collected the
badge, I was an ideal candidate (sacrificial offering) for heart jail research and started poking the badge bear with another sharp stick to see the reaction.
I was at 8 likes at the start of the research and went round liking as many post as I could without coming across as really creepy stalker to hit the 50 likes mark to get the badge.
46 likes later and sitting at 54 likes, still no sign of the out of love badge.
So sharpen the stick a bit more and proceeded to poke the badge bear again, onwards and upwards with the likes. I was starting to struggle around the 80 mark, hit 90 and got the running low warning. Then finally got jailed! :man_cartwheeling: Never thought it would be this hard to get committed. Sentenced to 1 hour hard time. (well not really, just went to have my dinner) 1 hour later I use the one available like, jailed again but still no badge.
What I learned so far:
The league table is not real time, it only updates every 20 ~30 mins or so, so was useless in counting my likes for me.
I was in jail and @kdrama2020ali wasn’t at one point
and that Ali is in far too many topics yelling DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! when I was looking for posts to like.

Next test, see what happens if anything, when 50 likes reach 24hours (1 day) old.


See everyone, I told ya’ I learned my lesson, (:heart: 45 to 66 :heart:) in a day :wink::relieved: yup! I’m toeing that line!


It’s a slow churn, but you’ll get it soon, mines was a nice surprise :sparkles::gift::sparkles:
Keep eating your meals, taking your showers, going out to the park, shopping, oh! Going to work ( note to self) :smile: in general, do what you do, and while doing, your coveted badge will pop! :sparkles::gift::sparkles:Right up in your notifications! :joy:


I don’t like him at ALL -------- Nope not at all


I was in and out all day! I gave 10 got put back in and then happened again and it wouldn’t let me out! Kept telling me 1 hour or then finally 24 more minutes! URGH


You’re a regular :joy:


I really can’t understand really well how all the badges work, I don’t even know how I win the user of the month hahaha


Yea, that’s why this thread is alive, fans asking each other how it all works. I don’t know either :shushing_face: Lots of answers came up too, and whew! The badges got swept up rather quickly. So, scroll through, or ask away, there’s plenty answers about badges :name_badge: you’ll find.


I wasn’t EVEN worried about the darn BADGES or Competitive until THIS STARTED!


And now I feel like saying DOOM DOOM DOOM is in the ROOM everywhere I go - cuz I got called out.




How about this idea. I notice that you both like (when available) AND reply to a post. In order to stay out of jail and being frustrated by it, slow down the rate at which you use up likes in order for the system to allow the likes at the other end (24 hours) to drop off the count. This way you’ll slowly replenish/increase the count.
For example, this reply to my post. That you took the time to reply is as good as a like and I appreciate more and I would rather you didn’t waste a like on it when you replied.
Sometime I don’t like a post and just dive right in with a reply because of the fun of the interaction, other times I may just like a post because it’s good but I will not be replying to it.
I’m sure @leerla73 would totally understand (having severed as much time and is sick of Tofu!) if you did not like on the posts that you reply to in order for you to replenish your count.



@ninjas_with_onions do you know how hard it is NOT to push the heart button!


That much is obvious! :laughing::laughing:
Yes, I can imagine, it’s probably habitual at this point, but one step at a time and eventually you’ll just get carried away by the interaction.


You live, and you learn. Those warnings comes with a slap

and, then there’s this

Smack in the middle of a really good post by another fan, and you’ve got to swerve,

Right as your finger goes for the button




It’s for your freedom! It’s to keep you out of jail for longer! It’s Newton’s 8th law of conservation, less hearts spent, less tofu.


Ha-Ha! It gets real when you read

Hence, we’ve got these sacrifices made, with our hearts on the line.


The thing with these like systems is that they can and have been used to manipulate people into behavioural patterns *Cough Facebuuk* and proven quite effective to creating drug dependency like behaviour from the stimulation of the brains reward system (Dopamine hits and all that)