Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


Ditto! They make good bucks doing just that,


@ninjas_with_onions I’m an addict!!! Hi My Name is kdrama2020ali and I’m addicted to DOOM - Hearts - Discussion Boards - Badges…KHotties


Baby steps. It must be torture for you when you know that during jail time your smashing that heart shape to see it go red yet knowing that your “message” or that representation of your likeable nature is not getting conveyed. To avoid that horrible feeling isn’t it worth trying to making small adjustments to your habits for a better experience?


WO!!! How do you know me so WELL!

Oh my GOSH - Cha BABY

(I swear if you want to laugh I mean on the floor laughing READ this THREAD)


Or think about it this way, when you are in jail and you can’t hit that like, you still interact with people in you Doom topic for example. During that time has anyone every gotten mad at you that you didn’t press like on their post? (even if it was because you couldn’t) so what would be different if you could actually make it go red BUT DIDN’T would they be any the wiser or the world will end?


Loving with all our hearts! :joy::joy: Also we have way too many hilarious people here…Case in point:

It’s extremely hard not to hit “like” when I like a post! :sob: I tried while I was in jail…Even though I knew I’d get a message that I used up all my likes, I’d still push the button.

I’ve seen this work on people…they get OBSESSED with the amount of likes they’re getting and go to huuuuge lengths to get them. I think most of us here are just crazy heart-givers and don’t care much about how many likes we’re getting. Do people really get mad if we dont like their posts?



To the HEARTS :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Yes we are! Some more than others and they end up in jail all the time and they’re the ones that suffer the most from being locked up, but they can help themselves if they would just pace themselves a little so that they can avoid those situation. When they can’t like a post others will and the world still turns so it’s all good.



It’s still ringing



I’m sorry @misswillowinlove I’ll stop - She called me out about DOOM - The competitiveness came out again!!!

@ninjas_with_onions I’m being good Is there a REVERSE BADGE - for LEAST :purple_heart:


“Always watching.” Moana was the last Disney movie I watched before Disney started getting super-skeezy weird in the head about some things. What Disney movie is that PERFECT Goldfish Helmoi badge from?

I can’t remember. Could it be that I have not had enough caffeine to keep me awake for a year . . . Nah.

I feel like such a dunderhead at the moment. Because when I was a kid, if I could not convince my parents to take me to the latest Disney movie at the local theater (translation: theatre for those who belong to the Commonwealth and speak that there langwich spoke by that tiny lady in the big “hice”) I would scream bloody murder.

(Sometimes they would give in . . . sometimes just let me lie on the floor flailing around until I got tired.)


Just hearted a comment, so I guess no reverse :blue_heart: for moi. Heck no :heart: badge for moi, either. Fandom in any language is a lonely business, non?

And, hey, if you push The Doom Button , will that automatically override Rakuten Viki chaebols’ shareholders’ decisions and guarantee a SECOND SEASON because the BH crew has chained themselves together on the Ginza in their Pikachu jammies and Hello, Kitty bedroom slippers?


(from Poshmark)


You can get this BADGE! Squeak Squeak Squeak Squeakin

Emperor’s New Groove one of my ALL time favorites!

KRONK Disney at it’s BEST


I guess, they will give out hearts until they finally made the crazy love button, and then they will retire or go on cold turkey, since there is no badge after that.


“I resemble that remark!”


(from Discogs website)

나는 먹는 것을 멈출 수는 있지만 원하지 않습니다 . . .
[Google Ahjussi says: I can stop eating, but I don’t want to . . . ]


@kdrama2020ali, @leerla73, @ninjas_with_onions, et. al . . .

As the oldest maknae on this thread, I can claim ultimate badass badge-ness with this one . . .

Because I saw Mike Ahjumma :wink: “Live from New York” . . . especially the episode when Barbra Streisand sneaked up behind him in the middle of the skit.

So, my 5,000,000,000 badges, please. (What’s the exchange rate on those . . . oh, okay, my .05 badges, please.)



Exchange Rate Just Went UP a Notch!


“Oldest maknae”?? That’s an oxymoron! :joy: (quietly begging you not to steal my maknae status)


Ok - Minho and I are going to BED - I mean I’m going to Bed
Fight Amongst Yourselves!

@misswillowinlove @vivi_1485