Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


(from Giphy)

Ninjas_with_scallions is not in the picture because he didn’t make your investiture ceremony on time. Screw around and tick off the Jade Emperor, and see what happens . . .


exCUSE ME? :joy::joy: I thought we agreed to leave Minho to @padmalayag! You lost the case, hands off!


Your so funny - I don’t remember relinquishing Minho @vivi_1485

MINHO IS MINE Exhibit A, B, & C

OK seriously I cannot fight right now I need to go to bed --------- :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Heart Fairy for the rest of TONIGHT



Sorry bout “Minny” . . . but I found a memo on the floor of the elevator to his penthouse . . . where I of course am the janitor just bursting to offer everyone humorous and irrelevant advice . . .

And it looks as if he and his publicist just took a cab to Incheon airport to fly to Rome for two weeks to pick out bespoke suits and silk socks the colors of small flax flowers, new pink rose buds, and grey skies that smell of snow . . .

(EVERYBODY who lives in “snow country” knows x-actly what that means . . .)

It means all the BH unnies and dongsaengs gotta sit around the plasma screen and sigh gently while they eat their popcorn . . .


Somebody finally noticed I’m skulking around. So now I guess I have to wait in the lobby. With my product placement Subway sammich. And my Vietnamese iced coffee. (Americano? I’ll pass.)


(my Gimp creation from screen caps)

I feel so grown-up now . . .


I can only think the following… :rofl:


my gift to you so you can breath :blush::wink:


Haha true. I don’t get many likes and it doesn’t bother me at all. I do know of people who call me when I haven’t liked something on their socials… like why? It’s really not important.

Exactly :blush:


21 hours! That’s impressive! Welcome to their hell…

You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When

This was self-removed because I did a dumb.


He and I “well” we are having some gelato as we wait for the shops to open! It is Siesta time you know!..
MMMMMMmmmmmmm YUM! One way ticket to ROME!
Good thing I was a personal assistant for 15 years! He GETS ME! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

@misswillowinlove @vivi_1485 @leerla73 @padmalayag I won that round! :heart_eyes:

Foiled again - must have fell out of my purse


Do people really get mad if we don’t like their posts?

Um . . . I just woke up in my time zone and have no coffee in me, so I’m just a bit scared of this question at the moment.

Do people who DON’T follow the threads I follow . . . and who DON’T know when I’m in heart jail . . . resent my NOT liking their posts . . . that I DON’T follow???

Mei-mei just made Nai-nai’s head explode, and now she has to go eat an entire whipped cream cake to calm down (oh, if only).


You know, I REEEEELY hate when guys have better hair than I do. I just got my hair trimmed for summer by a German neighbor who is a kick-ass cosmetologist, and the style is very similar to Minny’s.

Who wore it well? I LOSE AGAIN! Life is so full of K-drama anguish.


I am a name-dropper now? Does that make my reputation better now, or worse?

As a BH addict name-dropper with an uglier summer hair style than Lee Min-Ho . . . I don’t know whether to feel proud, shamed, or in need of counseling.

(Here’s a true name dropping story that I became able to tell about two months ago because of my volunteer work in Rochester, NY. . . .

(I am friends with Brandon, a friend of my volunteer-job boss.

(Brandon is a half-Chinese, half-African, half-English, half-Welsh practicing Hindu Jamaican who is the grandson of the man who built a special set of stairs for the Queen Mum (when she visited Jamaica in the 90s) so she could go down a small incline somewhere without toppling over, stepping on her corgis, or getting sand on her shoes.

(You may genuflect as you see fit.)



Do people really get mad if we don’t like their posts?

It’s early yet in my time zone, and I have not yet had coffee, but I approach this question with some hesitancy.

Um, so . . . how would people know if we don’t like their posts?

“I noticed how obsessed you were yesterday with NOT being on the discussion board, and I resent you NOT using the hearts you are NOT ALLOWED TO USE for the next twenty-four hours.”

Mei-mei just made Nai-nai’s head hurt, and now she has to go eat an entire whipped cream cake to calm down (don’t I wish).

This is a classic recipe from the area of the US where I grew up.


Did you post this double? I got confused for a sec :laughing:


Oh dear :joy: I don’t have the brain cells or will to think THAT MUCH. I think most of us are too busy fangirling or using our brain capacities to come up with witty remarks to make a fuss about likes here :sweat_smile:

LOL Imagine someone actually calling someone else out for not liking their post… “Excuse ME, @kdrama2020ali, how DARE you not like my Lee-Joon-Gi-deserves-jail-time-for-stealing-my-heart-post?? I spent two whole hours writing that for YOU and you ig- NORED me!”


Talking about that eye smile!!!
He’s sooo cute!!





I now have the badge of criminality.


Ta-Da! Here I joined the club.